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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Display: Completed 40K Anniversary Marine & Some Simple Conversions

This post is mainly eye candy so enough blah, blah, blah...

Now, I tend to use fairly neutral backgrounds so that I don't skew the colors of the miniature when I take pictures but below are a few examples of how different colors can change the look of the same mini. Most of my backgrounds come from the free textures section of flickr but if you want to know who made them specifically just email or leave a comment. The following backgrounds are courtesy of a great artist and blogger who has thrown up some free backgrounds for us.
This week I saw a few posts in some of the blogs on my blog roll that dealt with converting minis. Some were more involved and some were fairly simple. Here are a few simple ones I've done that I still really like...
A simple arm and crozius swap - well, simple for metal anyway.
My version of Belial - again, a metal model so a bit more involved but nothing fancy.
More crozius and staff swaps - on metal Termies.
Re-sculpt of sword handle and hand swap from metal  Termie Librarian.
Head & Gun swap on metal Librarian with some familiars from spare bits just for fun.
Bet you are bored of power armor, right? Below are a few of the xenos I have dabbled in...
Finecast fails that needed some serious work. 

My version of Lady Malys. Finecast succubus, plastic wych sword arm,  hair & head swap from wyches &  plastic card steel fan.
Next week I'll have some more conversions and some WIP shots of the test models I am doing to help me decide what to paint up my Dark Vengeance box set as. Click on the poll on the side if you'd like to try and sway me or wait until the test models are finished to chime in with emails or comments.

Thanks for stopping by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.