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Saturday, September 08, 2012


Hi and welcome to my Blog. I'm ZAB. I am an avid 40K hobbist with a full time job at a place I can only describe as The Creativity Factory. I have a wife (known here as The Lady Inquisitor and little one (known here as The Agent Of Chaos). On top of that I do quite bit of 40K hobby and thought I would share it with the interwebz (Yes, I want my five clicks of fame too, but I just can't bring myself to make a sex tape - too shy I guess).

I used to play 40K too but truthfully the hobby and fluff side of the game has completely overtaken that aspect.  What I'll be covering here is WIPS of things I am working on and whatever tips and tricks I know along the way. I'll be posting about once a week because I think it's enough for me to keep up and stay interested with blogging. Besides, any more and I won't have any hobby content to blog about;) This blogging thing is a pretty big time sink - knowing that now I have even more respect for the bloggers that follow!

I currently have over 8000pts of Dark Angels and their successors, over 2000pts of Necrons, over 1500pts of Dark Eldar and 3 different tables worth of terrain.  Over the last six months I have been snapping pics of these things so that even if I am laid low by illness (a distinct possibility with some of the germ warfare launched by The Agent Of Chaos) or swept away to some far off location for a week of "vacation" by The Lady Inquisitor I can throw up pretty pictures for readers to scroll through.

So what's up first?  Next week I'll be bringing you WIP shots of the 40k 25th Anniversary Marine I'm working on.
Yes, I opened mine. Not a collector - hobbyist.

Now, about those pretty pictures I mentioned? Here's a few to tide you over...

Thanks for visiting! Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome - and remember; you can't spell paint with out a little pain;)


  1. Great the razorback and the DA captain with eagle plumed helm-i still have my original one from back in the day!

    Look forward to seeing more work! :D

    1. Thanks! The razorback is from The Agent Of Chaos's budding BA force and I wish I still had that old DA captain; it was purged in my last round of well, purging. Must keep hobby contained to one room and a shelf with all my terrain, and a display case, and...

  2. Zab, great stuff and welcome! Your brood lord and your angels are amazing. Great stuff. I will certainly keep an eye on this blog

    1. Thanks so much. I'm glad I worked ahead with photos for content because nice as they may be, I take forever to paint stuff and it would be so easy for me to fall behind.


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