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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

On Display: More simple conversions & WIP: Dark Vengeance Test Models

Ah, the madness begins...
Welcome back everyone. Above is the a look into my fractured mind.  It's the color palette for my Dark Vengeance test minis. I am doing some test minis to help me decide how I want to paint the boxed set. You can help me too by clicking on that poll over to the side there if you like...I primed the pre-heresy Dark Angel and Night Lord in Black as their colors are predominantly darker, and the Alpha Legionnaire and Angel of Redemption in grey so that the lighter colors would cover with less coats. Now onto the WIPs...

Eye lenses and piping are first with small batches of minis.

No need to be neat 'cause we can cut in on the big armored areas later.
Gold and bronze details.
A close up of the different shades of the gold and bronze. Again, love those new citadel metallics!
A few shades of leather for variety on the ammo pouches.
And a purity seal - not that they had those pre-heresy, but it's only a test mini right?
Next week I'll have a few more WIPs or maybe even the finished test minis. It really depends on how slow things are at the creativity factory where I work and what kind of distractions The Lady Inquisitor and The Agent of Chaos unleash upon me;)  Now there was something else...Oh right. A few more simple conversions from my past armies for you!

This was one of my favorites. Pinned him to a simple base, added a piece of foam to make a pillar, reversed the way his scythe was pointing and glued a few pieces of foam to the scythe to make it look like he was slicing his way through the pillar in his eagerness to get to grips with the enemy. People say they got nerfed, but C'tan Shards are still really nasty.

Dirt simple. Plasma pistol and jump pack swap on this guy. Moving on...
Custom florist wire handle on chainsword. Simple, cheap and effective. Self pinning too;)
Not so much a conversion as a kit bash, but a simple leg swap from the assault marine set and the grenade arm gives a real sense of action.
This is actually the mini I use for my Blogger avatar. My absolute favorite conversion. Just a leg re-position but man does this Consecrators Veteran Sergeant look mad! He's here to kick walls & ass - and he's all outta walls -_-

And another leg re-position on a Consecrators Veteran Sergeant. Looks like he's leaning forward on the balls of his feet just about to surge forward and do some serious harm. Both chainswords on these guys were taken from the chaos marines set to make them seem more brutal and like the older designs of war gear the Consecrators are known for carrying around.

Hope that was fun for ya and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.