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Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Display: Paint The City Pink & DV Test Models

Just a quick post today, but TONS of pics.  Here are my two entries for the Paint the City Pink event over at Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher.  Great cause and great fun to try something outside my normal painting genre.

On to the pics with Kitty up first...

And then Vector...

 Okay. Now to get to the Dark Vengeance test minis - and their verdicts to determine which colors my boxed set will be sporting :)

Pre-heresy Dark Angel.
  Verdict: I love this scheme! However, the DV minis aren't older marks of armor and I already have Ravenwing, Angels of Vengeance and Consecrators. I just can't paint anymore black power armor. I could do them as Fallen with the original Legion paint scheme, but I already have some fallen painted up and I like their colors better. Pass.

Angels of Redemption.
 Verdict: This was the easiest to paint and actually a very striking model. There was no fancy trim and once the split scheme was done it was just details and basing. Yes, I'm going to make my DV marines into Angel of Redemption. Sadly that means a lot of GS work ahead on the blog, but fear not when things get too green and grey I'll throw up some pics of those fallen and a few other mins I've completed ;) Also this will let me keep up the tradition I started where anytime I want to add to my existing DA army I use a successor chapter so I don't have to match paints and I get to try and paint up something new and challenging.  In the words of London Tipton: Yay me!

Alpha Legion.
 Verdict: Blech. My least favorite of the bunch. The blue needs to be deeper. I like the color on the legion icon but not on the scales and they need to be waaaaay cleaner. Someday I will do an Alpha Legion army though. I actually love the Tzeench paint scheme they used on the warriors of chaos in the last White dwarf - oh do I have ideas for an Alpha Legion color scheme after seeing that...

Night Lords.
 Verdict: Awesome. Exactly what I was going for with these guys. The chaos marines from my DV set will be Night Lords. In fact, I'll probably do an army of these guys too someday - ah, this is where the allies rules in 6th comes in. Night Lords/Alpha Legion allies.  Yes, that's perftec ;)

Next post will feature a ton of green stuff work, ugh. Oh well, know what I say; you can't spell paint without a little pain.