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Monday, October 08, 2012

WIP: DV Test Models #2 & The Last Few Old Conversions

Picking up where we left off last time, the base coats have now been completed on the armor. Already they look better and give an impression of where we are heading.

Highlights, glazes and shades were next. At this point you could slap on a few decals, base them and they're ready for gaming but I want to play some more...

Some free hand details really bring this pre-heresy Dark angel to life. I was going to do his shoulder pauldrons like from the cover of Descent Of Angels but I felt that he would looks too much like a Black Templar so I just kept the bone color on his knee and repeated the tactical squad arrow in red.
 For the Night Lord we have the usual lightning forks and bat winged skulls. As well as the classic horned helmet.  Next post I'll have the Alpha Legionnaire and Angel of Redemption as well as the weathering/battle damage and basing for these guys. Plus, a story of betrayal!

For now I'll leave you with the last batch of simple conversions I've done on past models...
More kit bashes than conversions but doing this always adds a bit of narrative to your vehicles!
A few simple Scout Sergeant conversions with power sword from the chaos marines and a bolt pistol from swap, as well as a very simple power fist swap.
A thunder hammer swap with a strategically placed purity seal to hide a sketchy attachment point;)
A few simple plasma pistol conversion. The first uses the front of a plasma gun attached to body of a plasma pistol to extend it a bit and make it look like an older model of firearm and the second uses the same thing to make a snub nosed version. It all just depends on where you make your cuts!
Some light up Necron Monoliths made with some of those AA battery powered Christmas lights used on mini Christmas displays. I got mine from Lee Valley but they pop up everywhere around that special time of year. The newer LEDs that run off a watch battery are way better for this and easy to place where you want.
Finally some DIY Necron Flayed Ones made with plastic Warriors, Green Stuff and plastic card claws. I got a box of the new ones when they were released in Finecast and didn't care for the poses - great detail, just not really scary or menacing enough for my tastes. So, I made my own.

Thanks for stopping by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain:)