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Sunday, October 14, 2012

WIP: DV Test Models #3 & BETRAYAL!

Time for some sponge weathering!
Okay, above we see what I use to sponge weather my minis. Less is more but I go nuts on test models just to try a few things. Below is what i used for basing the test models. Again, I think the Citadel textures have their uses and one is for quick basing of test models:)

I have a bunch of old brushes for dirty jobs like texture painting and terrain.
Toothpicks are great for pushing basing materials around to where you need them and not getting the stuff on your nicely painted minis. So how have they come together? Let's take a look...

He turned out really nice. Just had to seal him with a nice flat spray... That's when I was betrayed by an old friend. Some one I have trusted to take care of my mins for years and has never let me down. 

For a year and a half now K and I have had our problems. They are intermittent which makes them even more infuriating. Humid, dry, cool, hot, indoor outdoor, new can, old can, short shake, long shake the results are always different.  Sometimes it frosts and sometime it doesn't and there's no rhyme nor reason. So I'm moving on. Now, the only real way to fix frosting is to spray on a gloss coat and try again with a matte medium.  Hence my newest buddy...

Durable but ugly. Blech;(
But let's get on with the rest of the WIPs...

I really like how he turned out too.

Again, I'm liking where he is heading too.

 So this guy is the only one I felt I would change things. The blue would get a purple wash to make it more indigo and the scales would be the color of the chapter symbol (and painted more carefully), but hey test model right?

Remember I said I was moving on from K? To what though you ask? Well after hounding a few Slayer sword winners about what they used, the overwhelming response was Reaper Masters Matte or Vallejo Matte.  Both are acrylic resins and can be diluted with water to be brushed on!

Let's follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole shall we?
I gave it a shot and you know what?  This seems like a good place to stop.  Next post I'll show you how it turned out and have some WIPS of the minis I'm doing for Paint the City Pink.  Hendy, over at Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher is doing a bit of a charity thing for breast cancer awareness month and I wanted to throw in some minis he could raffle off for a good cause.  Projects like this are great for helping you break out of your comfort zone and advance your painting skills. Plus, it's for charity and anything where I can use my talent to help others is fun.

Thanks for the clicks, and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.

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