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Saturday, October 20, 2012

WIP: Paint the City Pink Minis

I know I said I'd have DV test models for you but I'm putting those off until next post.  This post is the WIP shots of the minis I am sending off for the Paint The City Pink contest/auction/great thing in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month happening over at Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher. The good news is that the contest/auction/great thing has been extended !

Onto the WIPs...
The madness began last Thursday...

Ugh metal. Have I mentioned how much I like plastic on the blog yet? I'm pretty sure I have. At any rate, as metal minis go, these were damn good. As it turns out working with metal again was just like falling off a bike - or was that riding a bike? Whatever. It came back quickly.
This was 30 mins after opening the box. I may have been a bit excited;)
 And 10 min later a possible palette was set...
12 hrs later the minis were primed and some extras were bought from a craft store that I have yet to escape from without buying up crazy materials.
 Pink was quickly put to the minis.  If you've never done pink before, check out this post by Ron  over at FTW.  His tutorials are so simple and helpful it's amazing.
  A few shots of this Kitty's stripes before the final shade.
  Again, I was a bit excited because you can see that the wash on her hair wasn't even dry when I snapped the pics:)
 Details like her re-materializing arm and leg, eyes, claws, teeth and lipstick.
Finally her base which I kept muted so she would stand out and not clash. I was going to do the foliage a bright green but didn't want to detract from the lady.  U go grrrl!
Onto Vector and why he will never be invited back to the bubble gum factory...
Base, shade, highlight,two washes and eyes were all picked out first.
 All his "digital" details were picked out.

The lines were simply white washed with red or blue/green.  Basically, after the explosion at the bubble gum factory it took Vector weeks to get all the pink out of his system;)

Now remember those "extras" from the craft store?  I made a few simple display bases to ship off with them...
Pink Leopard print felt is always cool even if it isn't Breast Cancer Awareness month;)
Told ya I got a little excited. SO that's it. Next time I will have Display pics of these minis as well as display pics of the DV test minis and a verdict on how I will be painting my DV Boxed set.  

I'd like to encourage you to take part in this or any charity event you can contribute to with your hobby.  Its a really great way to step outside your comfort zone and push your skills. Yes, you can donate money but things like this can really help to inspire you and help out with a good cause. So it's more win/win than just throwing money at the problem. I honestly don't care about the prizes. I just had so much fun doing something different that gave me a sense of purpose that the journey was all I needed.  I will definitely keep my eye out for more projects like this!

Until next post remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.