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Saturday, November 03, 2012

WIP: DV Angels Of Redemption GS work, ugh.

Before we get into the WIPs I promised a brief review of Vallejo Matte varnish that I never got around to last post. Sorry about that. Above you can see the before and after images side by side for a few of the test minis I did for my DV paint schemes. Krylon Matte is out due to inconsistent frosting issues and Vallejo Acrylic Matte is in. I applied the Vallejo with a brush and diluted it at a ratio of 5:2 varnish to water.  I applied 2 thin coats with about 45 minutes of dry time between each coat. The reason is that if you apply it too thick it can get a bit cloudy because the main ingredient in matte is talc; so thinning it and doing multiple coats keeps it from getting cloudy, drying with brush strokes and gives you more control. I may try air brushing it on in the future, but for now I like the full control brushing it on gives me.  Verdict: I highly recommend Vallejo Matte.

Now onto the WIP...

Green Stuff: The cause of/solution to all of life's problems.
I decided to make the Dark Angels in the DV set into Angels Of Redemption. Why? Because I'm not happy unless I make my life difficult -_-  So I prepped the minis with the above steps: Scrape, sand, fill ~groan~. Repeat.  You'll notice I left some of the original icon there, I'll tell you why in a bit ;) Then, I moved onto the sculpting.

I started with the skulls because they are easy to do and it helps build my confidence. Roll a blob a bit smaller than the size you need the skull to be, press it into position and then just use your tool/blade/toothpick to push it into the shape you want. Easy. Now let it cure before adding the wings. Patience is the key with Green Stuff (*GS for future reference).

Next I used the left over wings I didn't scrape off to save me some sculpting down the road. Then, I blocked out what I wanted the wings to look like with a small Sharpie.

It was just a simple matter of pressing GS over the sharpie and cutting away anything that went "outside the lines" of the drawing.  I also blended the upper design into the part of the wings I didn't scrape off on the cape and: presto! Less sculpting ;)

The second to last step is to assemble the mini as much as is reasonable so you can still reach the details while painting and fill any seams or imperfections in the sculpts with Liquid GS, let that dry and give it a light sanding. I use 400 or 600 grit sand paper.

Ugh. I'm glad that's over. All you guys out there who do this on the regular - Damn. You either have the patience of saints of the focus of serial killers. Personally, after all this? It might be a little form column A and a little from column B ~_-

 Okay. Last step. Completely optional but yields nice final results. The pink bottle in the background is nail polish remover WITH acetone.  Take an old brush and after you sand down your details do a few thin coats over your sculpting areas. Let each coat dry between and keep them THIN. What this does is dissolves any burrs or fine scrapes in the GS and smooths the appearance a bit once paint is applied. Again keep it thin because the acetone can dissolve plastic and deform it and please, crack a window - it's a little bit toxic.

Wow. That was a lot of grey and green. Thanks for sticking with me. Here's your reward. My take on Cypher and his fallen brethren....

 I have single pics of the Fallen if anyone want a closer look next post.  Speaking of...I need a break so I am thinking of entering the contest contest over at Standard Template Construct.  I bought the new Aspiring Champion today and I'm going to try and convert and paint him up in time for the deadline. Prizes from Secret Weapon Miniatures?! Yes please ;)

Thanks for stopping by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.