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Saturday, December 29, 2012

WIP #2: DV Chaplain, The FLU. Xmas & A Giveaway!.

I was struck down by the flu this past week. It got nasty and I am on some heavy prescription drugs to keep me from another bout of walking pneumonia.  Enough about my weakness, on to the fun stuff!

I got the green robes done.
 And the bone robes and chapter shoulder pad.
And the rope and details on the cape.  That's as far as the flu let me get.
Here's a few things I got over the holidays though.

HOTpanada's mystery prize showed up in the mail and it happened to be one of my favorite plastic kits in the 40K range!

And, I got me some brass etch to decorate the plinth for Alpharius. I got the idea from some cool image from the Adeptus Astartes books Games Workshop released many years ago.
 Then I saw the chaos cultists brass etch that Forge World has and decided to do this:
 That's number 2 for my display case of personal favs!
AND, The Lady Inquisitor helped me organize my box of sharp files and sculpting tools and avoid more unnecessary blood loss by getting me a few of these...
Other than that stupid flu things have been pretty good.
ALSO my page views rolled over 5,000! So I thought I would have a little fun and reward my members with a little give away...
What's up for grabs? This.

I like the new hard cover editions but I will continue to get the HH in paper back.  I had to get one though just to see what it was like. Here's a few more pics so you can see some details and compare it to the paperback versions.
Under that annoying slip cover is the artwork itself right on the book.
There are a handful of black and white illustrations throughout the novel.
And these are just for a size comparison with the paperbacks. Big huh?
 So how do you get your hands on Angel Exterminatus in collectors hardcover for free?
1) Be a follower of this blog.
2) Be the first to Email me the answer to this:
What are the first 3 words spoken from Chapter One of Horus Rising? AND who spoke them?
3) I'll announce the winner in the next post and ask them to email me their mailing address so I can send the book off to it's new home.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your holidays were fun and I hope you have a very happy new year!
And remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.