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Friday, January 11, 2013

On Display: Dark Vengeance Chaplain

Here is the Dark Vengeance Chaplain, finally done. I went back to using Macro for my display pics. I can get closer and crisper than with AP and if anything is out of focus I can just zoom right in and take a super close shot of the detail. I like AP better for larger shots where you need a longer depth of field - like with terrain or army shots. Anyway, onto the pretty pics...

 The nice background is from Gerrie over at Corvus' Miniatures. He has a selection of very nice backgrounds that you can get from his site for free. Be cool and credit him if you do use them okay?

 And as requested /suggested, here are some pics of some of my favorite minis from my other Dark Angels successor chapters...
Guardians of the Covenant...
 Angels of Vengeance...
 Finally, don't forget to check out James Wappel's awesome Kickstarter.  If you like mini painting and you aren't sure who James is check out his site. First - I guarantee you've seen his stuff somewhere. Second - Shame on you! Have you been living in a cave, under a rock with your eyes shut tight and your fingers in your ears?  Seriously though, you may want to get in on this as his stuff is mind blowing and he is going to be creating a series DVD's that will help you learn some of his amazing painting techniques.

That's all for this post. Next post: Some WIPs of the DV Librarian and a look inside my painting area, which was inspired by Drkmorals over at STC with a look inside his hobby area. Thanks for stopping by. As always questions and comments are welcome and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Great stuff, the Interrogator Chappie looks awesome! Thanks for showing the other stuff as well, looks great I especially like the GotC and Consecrators. The Angels of Vengeance is a little to black for my taste, I think another colour on the robes would have looked better, red, green or bone would have looked great. Other than that great work!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, with the AOV I wanted a dark brooding look and black on black on black was well..too black. Go figure. Live and learn ;)

  3. Heh, yeah luckily you seem have plenty of other models and Unforgiven chapters for that matter to make use of those experiences ;)


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