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Friday, January 18, 2013

WIP: DV Librarian & The Man Cave

Welcome back. I love the sculpt for the above mini and its a snap fit mini to boot! More plastic! Have I mentioned that I love plastic minis? I can't recall. Oh well, onto the WIP ;)

Oh God! I forgot how nice it is to paint blue! It's one of the most forgiving colors to work with. No wonder there are so many Ultramarine armies out there :p
And there's the finished power pack. Again, I'm thinking that the Angels of Redemption are a more utilitarian chapter and I'm trying to limit how much gold I use as well as how stark I highlight the metal. So far it's working out nicely.

 I went for the same kind of OSL glow on the sword that I use on my on my Fallen. Yellow highlighted up to white and then a very thinned red wash followed by a selective dry brush of white and then a glaze of yellow.
It will look nice against all the blue and green on the completed mini.

Now, a few other bloggers have been sharing pictures of their set ups; so here's a look into the man cave that I share with The Lady Inquisitor...
My work space.
My cabinet of completed city fight & planet strike terrain.
Corner filled with citadel army cases.
The Lady Inquisitor's work space.
 It's a damn small room, but I love it. Now, like any other plastic crack addict there is a bit of spill over into other areas...
My gaming table.
The rest of my terrain (there's a realm of battle behind the mega blocks).
 I share a toy area with The Agent of Chaos ;) I made sure the trim on the gaming table matches the shelving unit for the terrain and that it hangs up so that when company comes over they just say "Oh wow, what a nice piece of art! Where did you get it?" The realm of battle and battle mat can sit on top of it, thus giving me the ability to have 3 different tables with only one surface. So that's why I have enough terrain for 3 tables -Ha! No, it's more of an addiction really. I love to make terrain, but I hardly ever play o.0

Next post: More DV Librarian WIPs and I'll show you what's in that Blood Angels lunch box on the shelf. If The Agent of Chaos let's me snap a few pictures of their "Space 'arnies".  If you'd like a closer look at anything just ask in the comments and I'll try to include it in the next post. Also, I'm curious to hear and see what you guys have in terms of set ups and addictions. Anybody better off? Anybody worse (i.e. Insulating their living space with plastic/resin)? Thanks for stopping by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. I'm a bit worse off for right now. I jsut have a small desk with no storage space. It's fine for painting and converting, but there's no space for terrain, so it's been a long time since I've done any of that (since I lived at my parent's house) and I really miss it. I'm a big fan of terrain too. I'm hoping to someday have a small dedicated place like yours for my wife and I's hobby/craft stuff. (What is in the glass case in the last photo? Giant space marines?)

    1. Yeah, terrain eats space like crazy. Those space marine are collectibles that were made by a company whom i forget now but they are about 120 mm tall. They even did a fire warrior at one point but i missed out on that one.

  2. My hobby room is a total disaster, I have stuff everywhere and in total wife would point to yours and say I should be like that!

    I like the idea of the gaming board on the wall, show more of that and how you set it up!

    Nice looking hobby roo.

    1. Sharing a space with the wife keeps me in line for sure. The gaming board is just a 1.5 x 3" pine frame with 1/8" thick MDF board on top. Very light. I rest it on either two saw horses or a folding table that live in the furnace room when not in use. I'll throw up a few pics next time.

  3. Cool idea for table storage. It looks pretty good on the wall.

    1. Thanks man. Keeps the place tidy and the wife happy. Happy wife = happy life :)

  4. Just reading this now, are those Inquisitor scale models in the glass case? Impressive!

    1. Actually they are quite a bit bigger. They were a line of marines made by sideshow collectibles in some kind of resin stone. They are more on par in terms of scale with the forge world imperial space marine kit.


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