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Friday, February 15, 2013

WIP: DV Company Master #2 & Stuff I Got

Picking up where we left off, I completed the sword part of the Company Master. I was particularly pleased with how the blade turned out. It's a dirt simple NNM style effect done in true metal. Weird I know, but entirely effective too. I didn't add any OSL as I'm bit tired of seeing it on every single power weapon out there. Let's just assume he hasn't hit the "on" switch yet ;)

Next up I completed the body. It tuned out well and I really like the heat stressed metal on the combi-plasma. This guy actually moved right along at a fair pace and I even did up the base and decided to assemble him.  That was when I found the fly in my fly soup -_-
Looking good right? Simple and functional like I would expect this chapter of Dark Angels successors to appear.
The seam on his cape sticks out. However, if I had assembled him before painting I would have had a whole range of other issues. Since its for my own collection I'll eat it. *cough* Just choking on my on rage, sorry.
Again, a little seam in his shoulder pualdron, but if you didn't know where to look no one would notice.
Ugh, the seam is worse from other angles, but I have destroyed those pictures so that I don't keep starring at them and choking on my own rage  ~sigh~

Here is the C'MON link if you want a closer look. Frankly not my best mini of the DV box so far, but I got a little carried away and rushed through it.  I think I need a break from power armour...which brings me to my next topic!
King of the segway? Yes. Yes I am.
I got a bunch of stuff in the mail after my last post. First up the Rathcore mini holders. I got one for 32mm figures and one for 54 mm figures.  They are awesome and if you are a display cabinet painter totally worth the purchase.

There is a link to PK-Pro at the bottom of my blog. I have added them to the recommended retailers I use. Great service, good prices, fast affordable shipping and a huge array of cool/ hard to find products!
I also received my spoils from the Paint The City Pink Charity Auction from back in December. I picked up this guy for a steal and helped out a good cause at the same time. Yay me!
Also included in those spoils was a Limited Edition Freebooter Christmas mini from 2006.
She'll have the honor of being the first mini to break in my new Rathcore mini holder. She is also going to be the first mini to help me with that new years resolution of trying to paint things outside of 40k to expand my skills!

Next post. I'll have the display pics of the Company Master up for you all and then I'm going to take a break and try out some new techniques on this lovely Freebooter mini that I hope will help me grow. After that though I'll be right back into 40k with the HQ/elites from the Chaos side of the Dark Vengeance box.  Thanks for stopping by, check the updated blog roll, leave a comment or critique and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Oh man, mould imperfections really make me seethe, especially noticing them post painting! I definitely feel your pain.

    So, the mini holders, I've seen lots of people use them and never understood fully what they are? Would you mind illuminating me?

    Good luck with branching out man. I've been meaning to buy some non GW minis for a while to just broaden my horizons a little. Never seem to get round to it though. GW just has some kind of glimmer on me.....

    1. GW is still my fav for the 40k style stuff too. I don't think anyone does it quite like them.
      On the mini, I guess I could have fixed it with about 1 hour more effort and some green stuff, surface primer and paint but it's not a display piece so I'll settle :(
      As to the mini holder, the way it is shaped is more natural to the "at rest" position of your hand and that metal bar can be used to support your brush for really fine detail work. You can use blu tac on top or a pin in between the cork pieces. If you are just doing table top level armies and batch painting with an airbrush then the old paint pot and blu tac is better and more cost effective, but if you are going to spend long sessions painting fine details or holding the mini while you do complex blending these holders are far more comfortable. Also, I love gadgets. I swear I could spend entire pay cheques at Lee Valley buying stuff I will never use but looks cool ;)

  2. Lovely stuff, have fun with the Freebooter girly :)

    1. Thanks! I'm a little nervous about all smooth areas of skin and fabric. Where the hell is her power armour?!


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