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Thursday, March 28, 2013

WIP: Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord - Trim & Metal (and pirates too)

Back to 40K!  It's time for the final HQ mini from the Dark Vengeance Box - the Chaos Lord.  What I love about this mini: the details! What I hate about this mini: the details -_-  Let's get to the pics...

I chose to do metallic colors first because I can be messy and have more control over the rest of the armour and details later. I wanted to make the gold fairly different on him since he's a Chaos mini. This was done by highlighting the gold up to a metal color and then washing on green, purple and some browns.
 Now for the brown which knocks the green and purple back a bit and keeps it pretty grim and dirty.
 The cat hair is optional, but I wouldn't mess with our feline overlords creative input :P Some vidigras was the last step for the gold - only in a few key places.
 Finally, I moved on to the metal areas since they were kind of messy too. Pretty standard metallics with a few thinned black washes, but I did add a bit of purple in a wash to the blade which ties it in with the golds. Plus I had to make the plasma muzzle look a bit heat distressed, cause I love that look.
That's it! Simple, but effective.  Feels good to be working on power armour! I also bought and prepped the minis for the avatars of my fellow producers at the creativity factory where I work...
Yo ho ho and a bottle 'o primer!
That's a side project that may get some coverage later on since I found that non 40K can be a fun way to super charge your hobby mojo and learn new things.

Next post: Display pics of the freebooter mini and then I promise we'll never speak of her again ;) There's more blogs on the blog roll and more recommended retailers at the bottom of the page - these are companies I have personally bought products from and had good experiences with. To be clear; they do not sponsor me in any way, shape or form. I just like to support good retailers however I can. Thanks for stopping by  - are you as happy as me to see power armour on the blog again? Questions comments and critiques are always welcome and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Yep, happy to see some power armour. You'd think I'd be sick of it after all of mine, but i love it. And i like the color. i wouldn't have thought of adding purple too, but it is subtle and looks good!

  2. Thanks! The Gold shading is something I tried to limited effect on the Freebooter mini. It works even better on the exaggerated details of the GW minis though.

  3. Solid work man, I beleive fervently that the more feline hair worked into our palettes, the more creative our painting becomes :P

    1. Thanks. I also have many display pics of cat hair with minis as backdrops in the archives ~sigh~


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