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Friday, March 08, 2013

WIP: Freebooter LE Xmas 2006 mini - Dress

With the skin tones finished and looking a bit pallid, I moved onto the dress. Another scary area with lots of smooth lines...

The first task was to lay down a nice solid base to work from. This was done in 3 thin layers.
The next step was to shade that base with the color that would be in the deepest shadows.
I thinned down the Hoeth blue so it was runny, but not watery and laid it on in a few thin coats - really concentrating on the recesses created by the folds. It's a great way to map out where your highlights will be.
From there I began the highlights with these colors in a 1:1 ratio thinned with a little water.
These were layered on with some feathering and blending one stage at a time. It gives the fabric a different look from the skin which used wet blending creating smoother, more natural skin tones. The dress needs to look like cloth (unless you are doing a sheer or silk effect - then wet blending would be great).
A lighter highlight with the following colors was next, again a 1:1 ratio thinned with a bit of water.
Layering again once the previous highlight was completely dry.
The final highlight was applied using a 1:1 ratio of these colors again, thinned with a little water.
I was fairly selective with this last highlight as it is pretty stark.
The final step was to very lightly glaze with the first shade color I put on. This was a VERY thin mix of Heoth blue, glaze medium & water. I mean it SUPER THIN. It's pretty much just blue water.
This was applied in a few layers letting each dry completely to see where to stop once the effect was right.
That's it for the dress. Now her skin doesn't look so unhealthy. The cool color on the dress brought out the warmth in her skin tones. I'm super happy with the results on this lady so far XD

Here is a picture of how my thumb looked after just a few minutes of blending. A lot of painters unload their brushes on their thumb while blending and feathering.
It's given me an idea for a little giveaway contest once I reach the lofty goal of 15000 page views. I'll think on that a bit more though as I have some time ;) 
Now, in other house keeping news my favorite hobby chair wore out. Check out my butt rut:
The Lady Inquisitor wants to reupholster the dinning room chairs (which are thread bare and faded too) so I thought I would get some practice on my faithful hobby chair...
 After a quick trip to "Fa-bric-land - FABRICLAND!"(sorry if their jingle is now stuck in your head) I had what I needed. Some cushion to rest my tush on - and some butt ugly patent leather paisley! Easy to wipe off or hide bad paint spills - yay!
So it went well. Here's the chair bottom done (I did the back later). It took an hour to strip off the old fabric, foam & staples -_-  and 15 minutes to put the new stuff on!

Next post: A ton of details on the Freebooter mini. I hope you are enjoying the run down on her. I'll be entering her into the DieVincis painting contest that PaintingBuddah brought to my attention over at Masterminis.  There are some other contests on too if you are interested. I doubt with the level of painting over there I'll win anything, but It's fun to join in. Thanks for clicking! I'd love to hear any questions, comments or critiques you have and don't forget to check the blog roll for awesome new blogs! As always, remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.