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Friday, March 22, 2013

WIP: Freebooter LE Xmas 2006 mini - The Finishing Touches

We have come to the final WIP of this mini! First up her eyes. I painted them black. It gives her a slightly disturbing appearance with her skin tone being a little bit off, but everything else looking so normal. After the jump: some make up tips courtesy of The Lady Inquisitor...
First up is her eyebrows. They were painted with the colors below. *Lady Inquisitor makeup Tip 1: If her hair is a dark color go a shade lighter with her eyebrows; if her hair is lighter go a shade darker*
I thinned the paint just enough that it wouldn't be opaque and then used the side of the brush to apply it using the brow line to guide me. The wash was not thinned and was applied with the same damp brush technique I have mentioned before; also using the brow line and side of the brush.
Eye shadow was next. *Lady Inquisitor make up Tip 2: Don't paint her eye shadow to match her dress - unless you want her to look like a garish, clown-like cross dresser* The colors below were mixed 1:1:3 to create a pale maroon that would match the base color of her hair and later, her lipstick.
The paint was thinned to a wash like consistency and allowed to dry fully between each layer to make sure it wasn't over done.
Her lips were base coated with the color below. *Lady Inquisitor make up Tip 3: Avoid bright clashing colors unless it is your intent or you really love the '80s retro look*
Thin the paint so it's not quite opaque. Two thin layers, define the lips with a very small brush.
Time to highlight the lips and make them look fuller and a bit pouty :P I used the following colors in successive highlights.
 The colors were thinned and wet blended on. The red went on both the upper and lower lips. Then another thin layer of red on the lower, then the flesh tone to define the lower lip a bit more and finally the off white to make a small highlight to round them out and make them look shiny and full. Finding some tutorials on painting female faces make for an easier time. Oh look, here's a bunch now...1, 2, 3
Finally, her finger and toenails were very carefully painted with the color below.
Now for the fun part and to tie it all together. The bloody base! I did up a few custom mixes of snow using the material below (Yes, that is a pot of Martha Stewart craft glitter - WHAT?! She's a convicted felon. She's more hardcore than us! Don't judge me!!!)
I did some testing of various combinations...
And narrowed it down to 3. Then set my top two next to the mini which was then mounted on the base I stained way back in the mists of time...
The one on the right was my ultimate choice because of it's color and texture.
Remember how I said "bloody base"? Here comes the fun part...
Enter the trusty test mini and a little blood tutorial from Chest of Colors. *Note: I had to purchase this brand of UHU from the UK as it is not sold in north america. Something about toxic blah, blah, environmental yadda. Whatever, I got it on ebay for cheap so there, you stupid hippies!* Where was I? Oh yeah...  
Mix up a color you like and then get sticky. I wanted a single drop of blood coming from the box. First apply your string and let it dry.
Now cut it to the length you want and start adding Tamyia Clear Red with a tooth pick (it's thick and will bead easily). 
But first...
Protect your base before you apply Clear Red with a sharpened toothpick. I wanted to make it look like the box was leaking blood...
Once you get the drop the way you like use the same sharpened tooth pick to add a few small drops of blood to the base. 
Notice how the Clear Red darkens the thicker it is? Especially on that drop? It's great stuff. Here's the final pic of her before I take some display pics, throw them up on C'MON and enter her into the DieVincis painting contest. Wish me luck - cause with the caliber of work going in I doubt I'll win much, but it's more about trying new things and "meeting" new people.
Next post: BACK TO 40K!!! This project has really helped me get back into power armour and avoid burn out. Now I'm working on the Chaos Lord from the DV box set and if you recall he'll be a Night Lord, um Lord. Also, I am planning a little contest/ giveaway when the 'ol blog hits the 15, 000 page views mark. There will be three prizes and it will have something to do with this weird phenomenon here:
I'll give you more details as we get closer ;) Thanks so much for watching me indulge in some non 40k nonsense. I hope it inspires you to try new things and I hope you bare with me as I plan on doing more in the future (but not too much). Thanks for the hits, clicks and views! Don't forget to check that ever expanding blog roll too. Please don't hesitate to leave any questions, comments or critiques you have for me and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)