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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thumbs Up Or Bust Giveaway! Celebrating 15, 000 Pageviews!

First and foremost: Thank you for all the pageviews and comments! Second: It's time to show my thanks and have a little fun with a giveaway...

If you'll recall a while ago I got these nice busts. I will be giving them away to 3 lucky followers (one bust each).  You'll also recall me taking pictures of my thumb. It's where I unload my brush while blending and shading minis.
So how do you get a chance to get your hands on one of these busts and what the hell does my thumb have to do with it?! Follow the steps below...

1) Be a follower and follow my blog. Not a follower? Join :)

2) Take a picture of where you unload your brush while painting. Be it your thumb,  your finger, back of your hand, paper towel - where ever.

3) Send said picture of paint covered object to the following email with your handle/name so I know which belongs to whom.*keep the file size to around 200-300KB so the inbox doesn't fill up too fast*

4)Watch this blog where I will post the entries with a poll where people can vote.

Details:  I will be accepting pictures from now until Midnight local Toronto time on Saturday May 11, 2013.
The pictures will be collected and posted with the handles/names of the entrants on Sunday May 12th, 2013 and a poll will remain on the website where people can vote until Midnight local Toronto time on Saturday May 18th, 2013. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 members with the highest votes. *In the event of a tie I will flip a coin. One person will receive the bust, the other will receive a mystery mini.*

Pictures of prizes (sourced from C'MON store)...

1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
3rd Prize:
Good luck and get painting!