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Friday, May 17, 2013

WIP: Dark Vengeance Chosen #2 Plus Meet Ms. K & Sar Zitani

Progress has been slow since laying down the colors with the air brush. Let's see where I'm at and why...

I completed the black areas, started a bit of gold and even finished the leather areas as you can see above and below.

Here is a decent close up of where the leather is at on the hilt of the aspiring champion's mace...
The highlights are all going to be really stark at this point. Why? Well, I'm doing a whole unit and I'm trying something new so I don't get bored or discouraged with the slow progress. I am going to paint every thing up to have a really strong highlights and then go in and wash/ glaze it all back down. That way I can feel like there is progress across the whole unit and the washes/ glazes will really be the tipping point (I was also maybe a little inspired by how James Wappel works on his stuff and this was a perfect excuse to try it out)!  

* A note on air brushing: It looks great and saves time up front with the base coat and highlights (though you really have to exaggerate those highlights more than normal, especially if you are going to do a wash on top of them). However, you lose time on the back end being super careful not to F-up that gorgeous air brushing with stray colors from the details!* 

I'm sure that will change for me with time and practice with masking and other techniques, but for now there is no significant time savings. Anyway, Y'arrrr...

Meet Ms. K: She speaks softly and carries big... axe, er gun -thingee! Keep yer hands off her box 'o treasure o_O
And a shot of those eyes and that sneer...

Avast! Meet Sar Zitani: He be a fancy boy, but don't cross swords with 'im!

 Sorry about the pirate talk.  I'm knocking those out pretty fast for the folks at the office. Maybe 2.5 - 3 hours each :P  Just something to keep me from giving up on all those damn Chosen and their freaking details on top of details on top of details.
Next post: The veil is ripped away as you get a shocking look at my current hobby related ADHD!!!! Guess what I've added to the blog rolls this week? More awesome blogs! Also, ieuan and Pawel, just a reminder to email me with your addresses so I can send you your prizes from the giveaway ;)  Questions, comments and critiques are encouraged as always and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!