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Friday, May 24, 2013

WIP: Dark Vengeance Chosen #3 & Meet Mr. D - Plus, My Hobby ADHD

 Oh my God! Progress is SLLLOOOOWWWW with all these details -_- Let's see how slow...

Well, at least the gold is done (on 2 of them). That just leaves everything else. Ugh, so boring! Let's meet another pirate to distract me from the tedium of detailing...

Meet Mr. D: He be from another land...
Yar!  So, having never painted anything even remotely ethnic in 40k (don't get me started on the lack of ethnic diversity in minis, please) I was a bit stressed about getting my friends skin tone right for his little avatar here.  I nailed it by the way, and it was thanks to a ton of research regarding painting ethnic skin tones and a few handy, and here.  For those who may be curious I present to you this break down...Gimmie a beat!
Basecoat colors:
African American skin has as many tones as Caucasian skin tones from olive to orange to pink. You actually don't start with a brown base. Weird I know, but watch and be amazed...
First Shade Color:

 That gives us an impression of where our highlights will go.
Extreme Highlight Colors:
WTF?! He looks awful doesn't he? Trust me, most of the work comes from the glazes and shades so you can be sloppy with the highlights and really exaggerate them.
 First Glaze:
Well, that knocks it all back down, but he still doesn't look like he should.
Second Glaze:
Getting there, still too light and orange.
Third Glaze: 
 Hey, this color again?! Yes, see how it's creating nice mid tones?
Final Glaze:
That is starting too look good, but it's a bit washed out and not dark enough in the recesses. Time to switch back to shades...
Second Shade:
This one blended the orange and brown a bit better.
Finale Shade:
Done! That brings everything together and still leaves some warmth in his skin.
Believe it or not that whole process took about 45 min, almost a third of the time I have allotted for painting this mini! Like Dean says: Brothas be complex. Well worth it though, and now I feel confident that I will  be able to paint the Indian skin tones on a few of the other pirates too. ~sigh of relief~

Onto the hobby ADHD. I am so bored of detailing power armour that I even went and reupholstered our dinning room chairs!
They were a faded cream color with a weird pattern that matched my parents dining room wall paper. I pulled that off and there was the original '70s color underneath. I added new chair padding and put on our new fabric. what else can I do that's NOT power armour detailing *KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!*
Oh the postman is here good, good...
 Bought him from ebay! Jerzyk at Chest of Colors was selling him and I needed something for all those plinths I keep making ;)
 Then of course there was my order from Runic Miniatures! Denmark has such pretty postage that I had to take a picture. Props for the great packaging job too! By far the best part was how clean the minis are in their casting and lack of mold lines!!!!!! Go checkout Runic Miniatures! Fast delivery, great products AND pretty postage?! What's not to like? I have added them to my recommended retailers at the bottom of the blog too. I WILL shop there again.
And I got an SDE dragon off eBay which I disassembled to clean and prep...
 As to why I bought these minis, I have entered a contest at Brush Brothers and Sisters.  It is a German forum so of course Google translate is butchering everything I say. I'm pretty sure no one over there is talking about the same thing unless they are fluent in German! "I like your minis!" "Thanks for the grapes!" "Puppies are cute!"  Thank goodness for pictures, right? Anyway the idea is to paint a mini or a scene from your favorite fairy tale. The Agent of Chaos loves Sleeping beauty so, therefore I love Sleeping Beauty (The movie, not the princess. I only love The Lady Inquisitor). Here is the scene I chose to do from that movie...
Except, I'm going to do it in Chibi style! Just to try something new and push my skills some more. Maybe I'll get back to the power armour detailing now. Wait, one more thing! The contest is open unlit the end of August so I encourage you to join!
Oh Sleeping Chibi, you are going to be fun! What's that unpainted Chosen in the background?! Okay! Okay! Put the bolt pistol away. I'll get back to work on you ~sigh~
Next Post: More WIP on the Chosen, more pirates and maybe a test mini I might have also ordered to try out my Chibi painting ;)  Do you suffer from hobby ADHD too? How do you keep rolling on projects that kill your drive?  What cool things have you got going or would you like to try? Thanks for stopping by, check out that blog roll, Faeit 212 is back temporarily until his new site is up and running, and there have been a few other additions.  Please leave any questions, comments, critiques or suggestions you have for me below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain o_O