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Friday, May 31, 2013

WIP: Dark Vengeance Chosen, Helbrute #4 & Good Golly Ms. Maul -ee

Almost done the gold on these Chosen! They are starting to look pretty good. Too bright, but that will change with the washes and glazes later...

 Oh, and let's not forget the big guy!
Okay, I won't lie. I may be getting back into these guys now that there his some serious progress. Still, all that detail was quite the daunting prospect. Looks great now though :)
Onto something just as frightening...

More pirates!
Meet Ms. Maul-ee. Armed to the teeth, she is.

And now for something completely different...

I mentioned that I wanted to try out painting a chibi style mini before I got to work on my contest entry for Brush brothers and sisters. Well, here's what I bought:

Great minis. Surprisingly small and they come fully assembled. I don't like the fully assembled aspect, but that's okay. Prep time!
They are made of a weird soft plastic that is hard to clean with a knife or file, but not impossible and my excitement overrode my frustration so that's okay too.
Time for some more practice with the airbrush and I might try out some NMM gold on this one, just for that cartoony feel :D

Next Post: Chosen WIPs, another pirate and some progress on Vandella!  What new things have you tried with your hobby lately? Please browse the blog roll and leave me any questions, comments or critiques you have below. Thanks for reading and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Nice! I'm digging how the chosen and the helbrute are coming along - keep up the great work, man!

    1. Thanks man. I'm really looking forward to getting these done and onto the dark angels side of things. Of course that will be a split color scheme so I'm kind of screwed there too. What the hell was I thinking?

  2. I like the girl, exepting the green, only madmen use green, what kind of flip-flop colour is green! ^^ You're exhibiting very well the 'new thing' I've been trying, which is to actually finish and base something :) My green is running out man, I is getting the shakes!

    1. Sorry I guess I am stepping on your toes a bit there eh? Maybe I was just green with envy - ugh, that was bad, even for me. I cheated on the bases. I finished them all in one crazy evening so it's just drilling a few holes and mounting each mini as I finish them ;)


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