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Friday, May 10, 2013

WIP: Dark Vengeance Chosen, Hellbrute & Meet Mr. Paul

Back to 40K content! It's time to get to air brushing the DV Chosen and Hellbrute.  Above you can see my air brushing arsenal, courtesy of my father who has been building model air planes for decades longer than I have been painting minis. Fringe benefit: access to a mind boggling array of air brushes. Let's get to some minis shall we?

If you'll recall I had opted to make the Chaos side of my DV set into Night Lords. I used the colors above to lay down the base coat and two simple highlights to the armour.
 Looks great and took very little time. I would say 10 min for the base coat and then about 5-7 min per highlight colour. If you include air brush cleaning after the blue was done that would be just over 30 minutes!
Since that went so quickly I decided to do up the skin/mutations on the Hellbrute too. I used the colors above in the same way as the blue, but first I gave the blue armour plates a thin layer of gloss coat and then covered any armour I wanted to stay blue with silly putty and my sculpting tools.
I went a bit heavy with the last color, but I can bring back some depth later with washes and glazes of the first two colors. Next up I removed the silly putty with the same tools I used to apply it.
Use the sculpting tools  to lift the silly putty and then used the tooth pick and a small ball of silly putty to get off any stubborn left overs - they will help you avoid scratching your nice paint job. I went back over the blue with a thin layer of matte spray because it still needs more work later and the gloss coat, although helpful  for keeping the putty from lifting the paint, isn't great for painting over.
The sealing, masking, unmasking and then sealing again took about 1 hour total.

So, some things are faster with air brushing and some things still take a lot of time to do properly. It's not a race, I know. I just want to dispel any myths that if you get an airbrush all your painting will go faster. there is  lot of maintenance that comes with it and you have to factor that in. Then of course there is masking and the learning curve that comes with using the air brush and playing with thinning you paints and playing with the PSI. I am not new to this and did quite a bit of research and asked questions of other bloggers so it looks easy - and it can be - but not right away. Don't let that scare you either though. If you have the budget to get one it's a great tool and lots of fun to work with!

Okay, let's meet another one of the New Day's crew then...This be Mister Paul or "The Wanker" (he's from across the pond as they say)...
 He's a bit of a drinker he is *Bit of a wanker too when he does*   ;)

Next post: More WIP on the DV Chosen and a few more swashbucklers! Don't forget about the giveaway. There's just about 24hrs left before I stop taking entries o_O  Thanks for visiting. Hit me up with comments, critiques or questions if you have any, take a stroll through the blog roll and remember you can't spell paint without a little pain :)