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Friday, May 03, 2013

Ye'aaaARRRR! 'ere Be Pirates #1 & A Giveaway Reminder!

Welcome to the first installment of: 'ere Be Pirates!  A while ago I mentioned that I would be working on a few side projects in addition to my 40K addiction. It helps to push my painting style and can be quite fun...

I work at a creativity factory known as On Air Promotions at a national television network in Canada. In our area we have pirate ship (from a shoot) formerly known as The Idioglossia. With new management came a new name and she was re-christened as The New Day.
Of course a ship needs a crew and thar' be 15 lost souls aboard this one (16 if you count the odd privateer who wanders through - they're represented by the skeletons on the big base there at the end of the second row of minis). Let's meet a few of the skallywags shall we? *Sorry, but Pirate talk is a must for these posts*
Meet Cap'n Pat:
WIPs above. Done below...
Yes, that fabric is leftover material from my reupholstered hobby chair. What?! Paisley is suitably manly for pirates!
Next up is: Lady Doris.
Recognize that shade of blue on her cloak? Yep, it's from that other lady I promised not to talk about anymore ;) Blue felt for her base. Why am I protecting the bottoms? It's a nice touch that gives them a finished feel and I don't want to scratch the ship's deck.

Next post: I begin to 'aaaarbrush (ugh, that was bad even for me) the DV Chosen in Night Lords colors and we will meet another pirate.

For now though please take a look at this post:
and see if you would like to enter the giveaway! Celebrate with me! The prizes are busts that are of a bigger scale which would be fun to paint and might help inspire you to try new things too or maybe you know some one who likes to paint busts and this would be a great gift! Free stuff is fun no matter what right?! RIGHT?! (Oh God, I'm so desperate for this not to fail. The whole internet would mock me...)

Comments and critiques are always encouraged (so please speak up if you have questions or just want to heckle me), don't forget to check the blog roll and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :D


  1. Cap'n Pat is great, small critique, I reckon the red could be lightened up a tad, and maybe a touch more depth of shading on the scabbard. Love it though, looks like a mad fun figure to paint, I seldom paint anything with humour :)

  2. It's true I could have pushed the contrast more. I'm really just using these as a break from 40k and to try things before I apply them to my "good" projects. I am also using it as a way to learn how to budget my time on projects. I am giving these about 2.5 to 3 hrs each and then stopping...okay trying to stop. I have to get a hold of my perfectionism or I could spend all year painting 16 damn minis o_O

  3. Crikey, my basecoat takes 2.5 - 3 hours sometimes, pat on the back for you there man, these have a new dimension when you find out the time spent :) I agree on time, it dawned on me recently that I'll never paint all the figures I love, and still waste time on rubbish! grr

  4. And I believe you meant Perftectionism :p


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