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Friday, June 07, 2013

WIP: DV Chosen #5, Vandella & Meet Mr. Masson

Finally! The tipping point were these guys start to look like something. Amazing what one spot color can do...

I was getting worried. Progress had been so slow that I was seeing red  :P
 Oh wait, that was just the latest color added to these minis. All that is left is the mutations, bone, metal and a few spots of flesh. Once those are bashed out these will go like poop through a goose! You'll see a drastic change in the washing and glazes stage - that, or I'll ruin them and you can watch me blog from inside the sanatorium o_O

And here is where we are with my Chibi test mini Vandella:
That was about 10 min of work! I'll have to smooth it out a bit with some brush work, but that'll be one of the last things I do. *Note to self: Thin paints more at lower PSI to avoid splatter effect **Addendum: Splatter effect could be a useful starting point for stippling on larger areas. All hail the air brush!** And here is the beginnings of her display base...
Oh God, he's going to start staining again...Yes. Yes I am.

Finally, I have some one you should meet...

ARRRRRRrrr! This be Mister Masson: Our stone, um... mason. Yarrr. I don't know what I'm doin'.
Only 2.5 hrs on him. Not bad :)

 Next post: WIPs of Chosen, inching closer to that fun wash/glaze stage. WIPs of Vandella, she is such a fun mini to work on! And we tip over the half way point on the pirate crew, truth be told I just want to blaze through them and get on with the 40k and my contest submission.  I won't though. These are for friends at the office and I won't rush (Unless it's excited rushing and then it's okay). Guess what I added to the blog roll? Blogs! Wait, WHO TOLD YOU?! Never mind.  Please comment, question or critique as the spirit moves you below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Hola
    Buena colección de miniaturas tienes encima de la mesa
    Me gusta Vanadela,le as dado un color violeta que me gusta.
    Un Saludo

    1. Thanks so much! Purple is a very easy color to work with. I think only blue is easier.

  2. some nice updates you have there, really ant to see more of the chosen ;) thechibi is also pretty cool, i havent wrote a blog post in ages BUT you might want to watch this
    damn i really need to sit down and make a new itnro...

    1. WOW! I had no idea that bust had so much detail o.O Thank you for sharing that! Looks like another youtube channel I'll have to start following ;)

  3. Nice work all round, the brown on Mason looks nice and leathery, looking forward to seeing the effect the washes will have in the gold on your chosen, may your brushes remain sharp, B :)

  4. Btw man, when I posted that comment, the security thingy made me type 'oomsyourgerner', I'm gonna name my next Empire figure this ^^


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