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Friday, June 28, 2013

WIP: DV Chosen & Vandella Display Base

Sweet mother of God! The chosen are starting to look like something! It's getting very exciting. I finished off the bone sections. Just a few more details and it will be on to washes and glazes...

They look more like corrupted Ultramarines than Night Lords right now o_O  What's that? Heresy you scream?  :P
So there was a request to see some of The Lady Inquisitor's work. A dangerous gamble. Here you go...
If I should go missing please call the authorities... oh, wait - she IS the authorities. ~sigh~ Madness.
Speaking of madness, I started to work on the insert for Vandella's base and stained her display cube... 
I used watered down purple and black paints to stain it and then sealed it with some clear varnish.  I also took part in the 32nd Miniature Exchange over at C'MON and got some pretty sweet stuff!

You can't get that in Canada. It's so damn good. There's pop rocks in it! POP ROCKS! Oh, I got some minis too. I guess I should show those...
 These give me an idea for a diorama.
 So do these.
And these take me back to when I was a kid and I used to paint 1/72 scale army men with my Dad who still builds and paints 1/72 airplanes.  :)  Got any cool or nostalgic minis lately? Got any exotic candy I should know about? Got anywhere for me to hide when The Lady Inquisitor sees this post?! Preferably somewhere with fairly lax extradition laws...

Next Post (assuming I'm not on the run or missing): I will finish Vandella and post a link to vote on C'MON!  Thanks for following the snail like pace of my DV chosen. It will pick up soon, I swear.  In the meantime check out the blog roll. I added a few new blogs. Please leave any questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. The chosen keep looking better and better - they're gonna be great!

    Love the Ramshackle Games minis, definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with those!

    1. Thanks! I know it might be hard to believe, but I have a display cube already picked out for those Ramshackle minis ;)

  2. Aaargh! I still can't upload my ME32 pics at CMON, looks like you got some great minis from your exchange partner, it's weird receiving stuff you ordinarily wouldn't buy huh :) Love the metallic, you're tempting me to try it again after a few years off. Looking forward to seeing the beast done, with your paint scheme it should stand out from the crowd, may your brushes stay sharp Zab star :)

    1. Those chosen have had a lot of ups and downs, but they are starting too look pretty fine. Given the range of metallics on the market now it can be a lot of fun to use TMM and still paint it with an NMM style. GW's new metallics are really nice (though they do require quite bit of shaking).


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