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Friday, June 21, 2013

WIPs! WIPs Everywhere!

First order of business: Completed work. This is The Agent Of Chaos' first miniature. It was a gift for father's day. The very brief evolutionary branch of mammal; The Fire Dolphin. Fire plus water equals extinction.
Sure a 4 year old can finish a project, but where am I? Three damn WIPs deep with almost no end in sight! ~sigh~ I'm not bitter though. Let's see how deep a hole I've dug for myself shall we?

Well, I got the mutations done on the DV Chosen. Have I mentioned how many details there are to slog through on these guys?  Urge to kill rising, RISING, RISING!
No. It's fine. At least they are getting somewhere. They may even be done for Tenth Edition o_O
 Honestly, they are looking kind of awesome at this point so I'm excited to keep chipping away at them.

WIP#2: Sleeping Chibi
The base is just a picture frame where I will take out the glass (and dull the edges to make a nice GS & putty working pallet from) and replace it with MDF.
This is the basic idea, but the two will be closer together.
Then I drew out the layout of the cliff. *TIP: Make it bigger than you need so that if you make a mistake while carving the shape you can correct it* ;)  There won't be near as much over hang on the final cliff - there will be some though, just to give it some visual interest.

WIP#3: Chibi test mini Vandella
I mapped out the black areas and exaggerated the highlights to match her skin. Trust me, glazes and washes will make all the difference later...
See? Better. I also worked on the bone on her wings and leather on her whip. I think I am having the most fun with this WIP and will likely blaze through it first.
I'm set on doing NMM Gold for her crown and other areas so I had to find a good mid tone to start with. I think the NMM will give her more of that cartoony Chibi look I am after and if it's not too smooth that's okay too because it will look like cell shading, maybe -_-
Balor Brown is the perfect starting point for The Gold NMM that I want! And that is as far as my hobby ADHD got me this week.

Next Post: More Chosen, some goodies I got when I took part in a Miniature Exchange over at C'MON and I'll put Sleeping Chibi aside to work on Vandella's display base - yes, I will be staining another block of wood. What?! I can stop any time I want!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please check out the new blogs on the blog roll, leave me your questions, comments and critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Looking good, man! Digging how the chosen are coming along, and the duel is going to look sharp!

    1. Thanks! I'm a little excited to do the duel. It's been a long time since I did an dioramas.

  2. Aye good progression there. Also looking forward to the diorama, looks to be quite a beast so far! The Fire Dolphin rocks!! Smashing the conventional species boundaries and retaining it's original charm, it's quite a looker, these things look great to start kids off on, I vaguely remember some DIY A-Team things I had which were similar, maybe memories of painting giant Mr.T faces explains my lack of willingness to mess faces up now :) We just need to see some work from the Lady Inquisitor now ^^ Keep smiling

    1. Oh, I think I can dig something of her's out of storage and snap a few pics...of course I may disappear shortly there after, but this hobby is fairly mobile. Pretty sure I could do it while on the run!

  3. Aye go on the lam man and take it all with ya! But don't forget to pack clean pants, nobody should go out without clean pants :)


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