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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Big Bust & M'arrrrr Pirates!

In celebration of my 50th post; I bring you my pirate avatar for the office! Let's see who else I've finished and then I'll show you the best damn 40K bust you've ever seen. It's so good I'm scared to put paint on it!

Next up is Mistress Susan, our night shift producer. She works alone and is armed and armored to the teeth.
This guy is our dragon slayer. Jigar. Got a tough project that just won't die? He'll put it down - HARD. I was nervous about his skin tone too, but got it dead on!
Dark Indonesian Skin WIP
And our last pirate this post: Jovan. Pin point accuracy. This lady will get a project done the first time. One shot, one kill. I was also very nervous about her skin tone and went really slow building up the glazes since she has such a delicate caramel tone that is very hard to achieve.
Light Indonesian Skin WIP
Now for the 40K bust that will blow your mind!!!!
 And here is a shot for scale!!!!
I found this guy on C'MON. He goes by the name Freeman. He works out of Spain and you'll have to do a wire transfer to pay him which made me nervous, never having done that. He was very professional and as you can see from his Gallery HERE; very good.  His prices are also extremely reasonable given the kind of work he puts out. Here is a shot of business card:
 So, was that worth wading through more pirates? Anybody out there want to try out bust painting? I'm going to practice that scale with the busts from the board game Relic that I bought a while ago before I even consider taking a stab at this one. It's too beautiful to risk messing it up.

Next Post: The last of the Pirates! Then it's all 40k and Sleeping Chibi. I added more cool blogs to the blog roll and look forward to hearing your questions, comments and critiques! Thanks for clicking by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain  XD