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Friday, July 19, 2013

WIP: DV Chosen Flesh & Metal, Sleeping Chibi and Temporary Work Area

More work on the DV set!  I have roughed in the lighter flesh tones and started in on the metal areas too. They are getting so close to being ready final washes and glazes...

There was only one other area of flesh on the Helbrute.
Next up was the metal areas.
 Very rough metals for now. I need to keep hustling on the Sleeping Chibi entry too!
Now to jam everything onto pins! I am starting to get why Vlad The Impaler stuck everyone on a spike - it's kinda fun o_O
 Here's a look at where I'm hobbying these days...

 Cozy -_-  *sigh*
Anybody else have mother nature try to cut in on your hobby time or be forced to relocate your man cave and how did it affect your hobby mojo? I'll admit, I'm finding it hard to keep at it with any real enthusiasm given how much trouble it is to unpack everything and then pack it away now that space is so limited.

Next Post: More pirates and a big bust I purchased that is just all kinds of phenomenal! Check out the blog roll cause I added a few cool blogs I found this week, hit me with your questions & comments and remember; you can't spell paint with out a little pain ;)


  1. Nice progress.
    You're modelling on a coffee table? Bugga.
    I have almost finished setting up my new (kid friendly) hobby area.
    keep at it Zab!

    1. Yeah, I split my time between that, the desk in the den and the bare concrete floor of the hobby room (when i'm using the airbrush). I had to reorganize my hobby area too when the agent of chaos was born so she wouldn't have access to sharp/poisonous things. She still broke a fair few models though, but that was cool since it made room for more...

    2. Room for more- I like your thinking.

      I'll ask the hobby elves to build you a new hobby space while you are sleeping.
      Actually, that would make a good TV show...

  2. Absolutely loving that burnished gold look on the chosen - that's really looking sharp! Looking forward to seeing the dragon and knight painted up as well. Keep up the awesome work, mate!

    1. Thanks! Wait until you see it with the washes ;) I'll be starting on the dragon and knight once I finish building the base. The air brush is going to be a big part of that project.

  3. "Agent of chaos," nicely said. Looks like your new painting area surrounds you with inspiration.


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