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Friday, July 05, 2013

WIP: Vandella SDE Succubus

Has it been a week already?! Okay. I really liked working on this mini as a test for my Sleeping Chibi project. Above you can see how the NMM Gold turned out. Decent, and where the blends could be smoother we'll call it "stylized cell shading" ;)  I blazed through her so let's see how the fun all breaks down...

Next up was the hair. Very simple.
Then the next area was her skin which I needed to smooth out as the airbrush work was a bit sloppy. Still learning with that one.
Next it was time to give the wings some color and definition.
 I worked in some daemonic spots that I have seen on other minis with this skin tone.
This next part was nerve wracking and fun. Getting her eyes right and adding a little color to her face to make it look like she was blushing a bit.
Here is the picture I used for reference on the eyes.
My Little Pony is perfect for simple anime-like eyes! You can thank The Agent Of Chaos for that tip.
I finished up the base insert next and pulled some of purple from her skin down into the rocks to make everything tie together.
Then I made few custom mixes for the luminescent algae I wanted to put in the rocks under her.
Stipple it on in layers...
Now it was time to assemble everything...
Not done yet! Really?! Yeah! Some OSL on her feet, legs, tail, and bum from the Algae will really set everything off and tie it all together...
Pretty neat huh? If you've never painted a Chibi type mini before they are really fun. I highly recommend it. Oh yeah! I almost forgot about winning this guy on eBay. He's from Chest of Colors. I saw him on C'MON a while ago and couldn't resist. I love the paint job.
You didn't think I forgot about 40k did you?  XD  Has this inspired you to try a new genre or given you any ideas you could bring to your minis? What fun projects have done or seen that have expanded your horizons or made you think maybe your were missing out by only painting one type of mini?

Next Post: Display pics of Vandella and a link to C'MON for voting. Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to check out the blog roll. As always please hurl any questions, comments or critiques my way and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)