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Friday, August 02, 2013

One Final Yar!

Yar. I be so tired and sore - from the drywall repairs, to The Agent of Chaos's birthday festivities, and tons more. Let's meet the last of these salty dogs and be done with them fer good...
This fella is Jeff. Most junior of the crew, but a very cutty one.
Next up is Dan. Dastardly Dan, that is. I won't go into details, its not appropriate for a place as fancy as the interweb o_O
This little lass is Laura. I use little literally. She is from Dark Sword and those sculpts are very small!!!
And of course there are the odd Privateers or "Freelancers" who wonder through. They don't last long -_-
That be it for this ship off fools :D
After some sleep I realized that i did forget something this week! Make sure you go check out Silver Gargoyle Productions for a free painted mini give away!!! Link to blog:
Link to: giveaway page:
Now back to the hideous bitch-goddess that is the basement restoration ...
Next post: No more pirates - only 40k and Sleeping Chibi WIPs!!! Questions. comments and critiques always welcome. I can't remember if I added anyone to the blog roll this week - so tired. Something, something spell... something, something pain...Ugh. Sleep now...