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Thursday, August 22, 2013

WIP: Assemble The Troops!

FINALLY! The DV Chosen and Helbrute are done :) Just a little work on the bases and then it's all Sleeping Chibi. Let's have a look at these guys now that they're assembled...

 And their big buddy too!
These are no where near display quality, but they sure would look nice on the table top (if I still played) dying a quick death due to my poor generalship -_-
I have also primed the Sleeping Chibi minis so I can start rocking out those while I finish building the base and race for the contest deadline in mid September.
I won't make it, but it's not the point and it doesn't mean I won't try. It's about trying new things and expanding my skills.

Next Post: Display pics of the finished DV Chosen and Helbrute! I added blogs to the blog roll and this one gets special mention
because while I am fixing up the basement the hobby room is going to get an upgrade and I love this DIY fully customizable paint rack!
And this one is just too fun to not highlight:
I may have a full company of those guys on my desk at work by the end of the year! Screw climbing the corporate ladder - I'm gonna take it all by force with my paper army of Deathwing o_O

So as always questions, comments and critiques are welcome and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)