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Thursday, August 08, 2013

WIP: DV Chosen Shading & Sleeping Chibi Base

 I'm going to have these done right around the time 10th edition comes out at this rate. ~sigh~ Let's see how things are looking with the shading stage...

First, I finished off the flesh tones on the Aspiring Champion and the Helbrute.
Then it was time to start glazing and shading like Mr. Wappel does, only more basic and rudimentary given my skill level ;)
 Wow! What a difference a little contrast makes! Not much left from here. Some lightening and some lenses, then final highlights on the metal and detailing the bases. I have to admit that painting up and shading down when working on batches of minis is far more gratifying than finishing one area at a time across the whole group.

Onto the Sleeping Chibi contest entry...
With my rough shape laid out it was time to add texture. Since I wanted to try some thing new I opted for Apoxie Sculpt. Same basic principle as Green Stuff, but much softer and less elastic. The idea here is to cover the foam in a thin layer and then press something with a stone-like texture into it to create a natural looking cliff...
I secured these highly technical sculpting tools known as ROCKS (a fancy acronym for something or other I'm sure). These are very hard to come by, extremely expensive and certainly not just lifted from my garden o_O
I like where this is going :D

Next post: DV details, making waves and a nice little eBay find.  Check that blog roll cause there are a few new additions and please hit me up with any questions comments or critiques! Thanks for stopping by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.