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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Playing With Fire

This one will be a quick one. The basement demands more paint and the new miter saw calls to me! The flames above were sculpted from green stuff with the pinch, pull and twist method.

And here they are all painted up!
I tried another test using the lava tutorial from Chest of Colors, but as you can see nowhere near as good.
Meh at best. GS is the way to go!!! I also found some good stuff in the garden for the base of the diorama:
Roots for, um roots.  Rose bush thorns for evil looking branches and that twig with bark on it will look like charred wood once fire is sculpted around it ;) Also, I found some driftwood bark for a future project.
 It will look good as a rocky shoreline with some crashing waves which I now know how to sculpt thanks to my previous test!

Sorry it's so brief this week, but I am so close to finishing that basement that I'm all OCD about it now. Next post: I get back to base- icks ;) Thanks for the page views, check the blog roll, leave me some questions or comments and remember you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Zab, you think this will work on a larger scale? I'm going to sculpt a flaming vector-stricken speeder for my Helbug base. So far, this is the best looking technique I've seen in a quick bit of googling.

    1. Thanks! Shouldn't be hard. I bet if you use the tentacle maker to rough out the shape of the flames and then used sculpting tools, tweezers and such to push pull pinch and twist those basic shapes like I did here it would look great!


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