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Friday, September 20, 2013

WIP: Sleeping Chibi - More Fire, Tools of The Trade & Preshading Minis + Basement Complete

Frankenstein was a wuss. "Fire bad."  Pfffffft! Fire good. Look how nice that base is. Let's take a closer look...

Yes, that will be a great source of OSL for the minis.
 Here's the tools that I used for the GS pinch, push, pull method:
 Check out dental and electrician supply stores. In fact, some one over at C'MON has a relative who sells this stuff at a really good price. Here is a link:  Harbor Freight.  Thanks Chrispy! I know where to get more if I need them (PS - I always need more tools).

Anyway, I think we have stared at bare minis and bases enough for a while. Let's get painting! Priming, base coats and preshading (which you can't make out too well on the skulls because it's so subtle and washed out)...

AND FINALLY: I finished the basement! Here are some pics...
Water damage
 We lost carpet, dry wall and doors.
 Look at that cozy hobby room
and that cozy painting area
But it's all fixed now. new tile floors, drywall, paint and doors.
 The Agent of Chaos picked out some kind of space moose rug for her play area from ikea
 and The Lady Inquisitor and I got new desks and chairs for the hobby room.  Excuse the mess The Lady is "organizing" her area o_O
It's just painting doors, stairs and hanging pictures now!!!  Anyone else working on bigatures like a basement? Has your hobby perfectionism aided you in home improvement projects? I can't tell you how happy I am to have time to paint small things again!!!

Next Post: More paint on the Sleeping Chibi minis! Check out the blog roll, leave me some comments below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain XD