Hi everyone,

You may have seen on the telly about the bushfires in New South Wales, Australia, recently. This is the worst bushfire season we have had in over a decade.

While casualties have been light, so far, over 80 homes have been destroyed. People are huddled in schools, churches, and pubs, awaiting news of loved ones as the Rural Fire Service battles continuously, day and night, to contain the blazes.

OzPainters organized a fundraising effort a couple of years back, when Victoria, Australia, faced their bushfire catastrophe. We made a modest donation to the Salvos then. You may remember them - we used miniatures from the then new GW Dark Eldar line.

The NSW Salvation Army has launched a Bushfire Relief Appeal (https://salvos.org.au/donate/secure-...?appeal=relief). I am trying to co-ordinate an effort to raise funds for this.

This will take the form of:

1. I put up a few miniatures from my collection (Rackhams, Ilyads, Enigma, and a few others) that a participant may select.
2. I'll mail this out to the participant to paint up in a strict timeline of 2 weeks.
3. Once complete, I'll put the completed miniature up on e-Bay for auction, for a duration of a week.
4. The participant will be responsible for mailing out the miniature to the winner of the auction.
5. Proceeds, minus postage reimbursement to the participant, will then be sent to the Salvos Bushfire Appeal.

Would anyone be interested in participating?

If so, please PM me and I'll co-ordinate things. Please do so by 26 Oct 2013 (Sat) - this project will be more than slightly pressing, as people are in need, so the timelines are more compressed and are hard deadlines.

Thank you for reading.