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Friday, October 25, 2013

Side Project: Sheldon on Display.

Here's that side project I was talking about. I scored this fine figure in a eBay auction held by some guy named James that no one has every heard of...o_O  Okay, no more lies (that may also be a lie). Let's get into why I got him and what I did...

Back story! Ever one loves a good back story. When I was a young boy growing up in Drusselstien - no wait, that is some one else's back story. I got this mini for a friend at work. I work in TV and we cut a lot of promos for The Big Bang Theory. One of the editor's loves the show and Sheldon is her favorite character. Kim is also a highly skilled digital artist who can do amazing things with digital photography. Here is a link to her stuff on Google+  I should really join at some point. At any rate, I thought she would really appreciate this more than any other fan of Big Bang Theory. However, I couldn't just hand it over looking like that - especially knowing that she has cats (my own experiences have taught me to protect anything of value from them)! So, I decided to give a great piece of art by a great artist a decent display case.

Time to make a cube! :P  Don't judge me, we all have our "things".
First a dunk in some tea to bring out the grain.
After that dried it was time to stain it...
Then I got ready to magnetize it to the display case. I found a wonderful baseball display cube at Michael's.
Find your centers.
Find the right sized drill bit.
Mark the polarity.
Drill and glue.
 There is mirror on the reverse side of this I don't want scratched by the magnet so...
And we add Sheldon to the cube so that he can be handled by those who want a closer look without damaging the mini (klutzes are a hazard for us all).
Let's see how this magnet thing works...Maleficent approves!
All the while I was waiting for an order to arrive...POOF!
A quote from Sheldon. Quite apropos for this gore covered mini.
Kim loved it!  I was able to do this while working on Sleeping Chibi and waiting for paint to dry, which was WAAAAAYYYY more fun than watching said paint dry ;)

I hope you enjoyed that or at least found some of it useful. 

Next Post: I'll be back to Sleeping Chibi, plus a thrilling new episode of "Stuf Wot I Got" and work continues on the Aussie Brush Fire eBay Auction mini too. You have until the end of November to help out, so please do so if you can. Here is a link to the thread on C'MON again: 

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