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Thursday, October 31, 2013

WIP: Sleeping Chibi Base

We've got 2 parts to the base on this diorama and they need to match so this should be fun. Another little walk through. If you'd step this way...

This first image there is the base colors and first highlights. Here they are below.
Next up was some mid tones...
 Then came some dry brushing...
 I added some purple grey to help tie it to the dragon.
Then some dirty colors to make it more natural.
Then I moved onto the cliff which was preshaded with the air brush. It won't help that thing is huge and will take forever ~sigh~ I digress.
Wood was done with these base colors & highlights.
Then some grain was added with the colors below.
The dirt type areas on the base were based on these colors.
I then dry brushed the same stone color as above added the purple grey, and then dry brushed with the dirty stone colors that were used on the dragons base above.
 That is were I stopped.  It's a big base. I am not looking forward to shading it and doing the OSL. I really should have worked from dark to light. It would have been less controlled, but far faster. I know what will cheer me up! Another round of "Things wot I got".  This time: Large scale female space marine!
Yes, I know there is no such thing, but then space marines don't exactly exist either ;P

Next Post: I finish up the details on the dragon and get to work on the flames of the base (cause I really don't want to work on the shading of all that stone). Plus, some very cute looking founding fathers. Thanks for taking a look. Please leave any questions, comments or critiques for me below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Awesome work, man - absolutely loving watching this come together. Really appreciate all the paint guides as well, haven't used many of the new GW paints (following the changeover I switched over to almost 100% vallejo) but there really are some cool colors in the range that I really want to try out.

    Keep up the great work!

    (Oh, and female marines? BLASPHEMY! Heh. Cool model!)

    1. Thanks man. I love citadel paints, and their new range is great for greens browns and greys. However, I have my eye on some vallejo, tamiya, scale 75, MIG, AK interactive, badger minitaire, andrea, p3, reaper, army painter as well as oils and pigments. uh oh, I think i may have a problem starting here ;) As for the female marine, a closer inspection reveals that a SOB conversion wouldn't take that much work...

  2. I like the female space marine, I will look forward to that on the forums

    1. Thanks! I want to say that she won't hit the table for some time, but then I thought that about the Celtic skull and the Fianna. So really, you never know what will prompt me to paint something...


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