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Friday, October 04, 2013

WIP: Sleeping Chibi Skulls & Knight

Well, that pink foam sure doesn't help showcase paint jobs now does it? I'll have to remember to avoid that in the future ;)  As you can see, the skulls are done. Let's see how the rest turned out and what the Knight is shaping up like...

Not too shabby, eh? Nice and desiccated. Onto the Knight! I like to start with the face since that is where most people focus their attention...
It went pretty fast thanks to wet blending. Then it was onto the cloak...
Yes, those highlights are pretty stark, but I discovered how much more control you get if you highlight up and then shade down recently and I'm sold.
And that's how it looks knocked back down with some shades and glazes. Damn fine! So far I am most pleased with the cloak. Now let's start on the Gold NMM or as I call it: Piss Around With Odd Colors Until You Scream In Frustration - PAWOCUYSIF. Hmm...NMM seems to be shorter  -_-
NMM Gold highlights. Very rough to block in the colors for shading later.
Again, pretty rough with the shading, but we can clean it up with some glazes. The mid tones kind of disappeared. Urge to kill rising...
...RISING...damn it now there's too much contrast and it's a brassy yellow! I had to stop here before I had a "Hulk Smash" moment o_O  I know how to fix it, but I needed to calm down and come back at it later with a more positive mindset. So let's take a look at a pretty upgrade to the painting table: Water Cups!!!
Here is the GW version I used to use:
$7 CAD each and it doesn't even hold their new brushes ~sigh~
And here are the new pretty cups from a one of a kind store I always go to at a mall near me:
$0.99 CAD each. Made from porcelain, ceramic or china. Cleans like a dream anyway and looks pretty too!
What about you folks, anything you are doing to upgrade your painting area or at least pretty it up to help you be more "Zen" when painting? Are you stepping away from GW as your discover alternatives? Any other pretty things I should know about to add to my hobby desk?

Next Post: Take 2 on the Gold NMM, I take stab at the Metal NMM on the sword (heehee, puns are fun!) and - oh hell, I basically finish up the Knight. Also, I found an awesome mini company that I bought some stuff from XD

Thanks for looking, please leave comments below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!