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Friday, November 29, 2013

Auction, Giveaway & Skull WIP

You still have until Monday to win this beautifully painted mini.  Details after the jump...

Here is the main auction:

Here is the direct link:

Here is my C'MON Montage (you can click through to eBay there as well):

All proceeds go to charity. I will pay for shipping (so ignore that part of the price) AND whatever the above mini goes for, I will make a matching donation to the winning bidder's charity of choice. You get a nice display piece and help out twice as much!

Now, onto the giveaway. I got the mini in the mail! She is stunning. It's such a detailed, flawless cast.
I want to keep her. No one has entered the contest. Maybe I will. No, she was meant to be given away. If no one enters I'll throw up a Christmas themed giveaway. If no one enters that, then I'll keep her ;)
Here is the link the original giveaway post (scroll to the bottom):
It is open until Dec 1st, 2013.

Okay, onto the WIP!!!! Keep in mind this piece is done and up for auction, but I thought you might enjoy seeing how my best piece to date was done. It all started with a basecoat and preshade...
Dark grey, stipple and sponge on some brown, green, blue and purple. Next up was a drybrush to add texture and pull out details.
Blah, I hate drybrushing. It looks so flat. So now lets' do some nice blending with our grays to make it look more like stone and force a bit of definition for the eyes to follow.
 That is a good starting point. there will be more shading and weathering down the road. Now to work on some details. the shield was a good place to start because it was under the dirt.
Dark browns and metallics to make it looks worn and rotted. Next was the ivy to give it a spot of color and life.
Greens, browns purples and creams all blended and washes and glazed. Pretty harsh now, but it will look good later on. I left the dirt for last so it could cover some of the shield and Ivy where it meets the ground to make it a little more natural.
 It was just subtle earthy tones and some rust from the metal rim of the shield to tie it all together. powders will do the rest later. Here is a look at it from a few angles...
So much work still to come, but this is a good place to break.  All this was achieved on lunch breaks over the space of about 3-4 days!

Next post: A bunch of testing of ways to make lichen and moss and add depth and age to this stone cold death mask :P
Thank you for stopping by, go make a few bids and if you like that panther lady bust, enter the giveaway. You could end up as the only one and then it's yours for sure! As always, I encourage you to leave me questions, comments and critiques below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!