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Friday, November 22, 2013

WIP: Ivy, The Sword Maiden - Prep & Charity Auction NOW LIVE!

Hey! Welcome back. Over the next few weeks I'd like to share a few projects I completed while chipping away on Sleeping Chibi. The first is a vignette of a Kelt Fianna from Rackham and a Celtic patterned skull from MDC. This one is for an eBay auction that will go live Monday and all proceeds will go to support disaster relief related to the recent brush fires in Australia. It was a really fun project on a tight time line. It elevated my painting to a new level and helped me really feel as though I am have some success on my quest to becoming a cabinet/display level painter.

Above is the 2 toned priming of the sword maiden. White from above and black down under. Now let's take a look at the prep for the base she will be standing on. Of course I had to make a beautiful display cube for this piece!
The symbol burned into it is the Celtic symbol for the Ivy tree. It represents growth, renewal, opportunity, friendship, connection and the strength we all have to carry on regardless of how harrowing our setbacks may have been. Pretty appropriate given the cause. Oh, look at that I even found some nice brass etched ivy leaves to have growing on the skull ;)
Now once all the elements where in place they were mounted on the block, but how to mask that and not ruin it while priming? Below you will see the tools of the trade.
Not pictured here: patience.
Here are some detail shots.
 And here is the before and after priming.
That's it for now. I also scored these ladies from Maow Miniatures - lovely and very hard to come by.
They'll be in the queue somewhere down the line when I need a break from that DV box set which, I swear, I am getting back to :)

The auction for this mini is now live!
Please go and bid. Also, for every dollar that this piece goes for I will make a matching donation to another charity of the winner's choosing in their name!
Here she is in my C'MON galllery:
There are many other minis for auction from other great painters too so if Ivy doesn't tickle your fancy, find something that does! It's all for a good cause :)

Next Post: Painting the skull begins! And I must remind you that there is still time to enter the Movember giveaway for that nice bust from a few posts ago OBLIGATORY LINK TO MY OWN GIVEAWAY HERE.  Subtle, no? Thanks for stopping by, check the blog roll, check back often for the eBay update, leave me some questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. Nice one Zab, the lass on the right reminds me of little red riding hood. How is that DV box coming? Im getting an urge to paint some imperial fists so we could have a paint along with some marines too.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Canny, yeah I'm gonna do her up as just that, but maybe a pretty dark version. I really miss power armour so with Ivy and my gobo done I will finish up sleeping chibi and dive right back into 40k! I may do the cultists first though just to get them out of the way and practice some airbrush techniques...

  2. I love it this scull ! Fianna great model , i remember my firs works , great figurines Rackham .

    1. Thanks! i was serendipity that i happened to have both to make a theme. The Fianna was very nice to paint, but hard to do justice to such an nice sculpt. I was a little stressed, but I had a lot of help from the folks over at C'MON!


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