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Friday, December 27, 2013

WIP: Fianna Kelt

Alright! With the base work completed it was time to start working on the lady who would be perched on the base. Above you can see the palette I used for her skin hair and eyes. I also used a very good skin tutorial by another member of C'MON to find my colors and use for reference pics. Let's see how things went...

I gave her a wash of skin tone to help me pick out the details. These Rackham sculpts are very petite with lots of fine details.
Then I got to work on her eyes. I do the eyes first and then work on the skin around them. You can go the other way, but touch ups at this scale are a real b*tch.
Next up I got to work on the skin. It's often good to start with the areas under every thing else and work outward to the layers of detail on top. You can reach hard to work on areas that way without fear of getting paint on something you have previously finished. Only 2 words of advice before I move on: Wet. Palette.
I'll plow through these fast since they are pretty straight forward. Basecoat: 2-3 thin layers.
 Now 2 very deep shades in thin glazes only in the deepest recesses.
Then I go over with the base color again to start very slowly defining highlights.
Next I push in the mid tones with several thin glazes. 1:1 with the colors below.
Then 2:1 Cadian:Tuskgor.
Then a few thin glazes of pure Cadian.
Now 1:1 Cadian:Pallid Wych Flesh in a few thing glazes
Again with a 2:1 ratio of Pallid Wych Flesh:Cadian
And again with a 3:1 of the same colors
Done. Remember not to define the features on female figures too much, keep them soft or they start to look like drag queens. It can be hard to do if the sculpt is fighting you and it helps to keep a good reference picture of a female face that looks like the mini around until you get the hang of it.
Let's get this lady's hair knocked out fast too- it looks like she has to pee really bad ;)
Again, WET PALETTE is your friend here.
Basecoat, 2-3 thin layers.
She already looks paler doesn't she? Remember to be patient at these stages, if the skin looks off wait to block in other colors around it as they can have a profound effect on your larger areas of color. Fight the urge to dip it and strip it!
Highlight with the side of your bristles and use very thin paint now. Almost like using water colors, but leech out most of the moisture in your brush on a paper towel or thumb.
 Now it is time to start glazing and shading. Don't be super even with this - remember that it's organic and reflective. It looks more natural if it's not too uniform in color.
This last color is a shade so only apply it where you want to darken the hair. Again, these were all done in several thin glazes.
There will be final tweaks later on the skin and hair, but this is a strong place to stop. Here she is ready for some color on her clothes and other details.

Next post: Details and disaster  o_O  I can't believe you made it all the way down here. Thanks for sticking with it, leave me some comments or questions and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Great start Zab ! I am delighted to see the next step , like the link on C'MON for skin .
    I'll start akira, I'll do a tutorial for the skin too, but with only three colors and plenty of water as always. Personally I do not use the Citadel colors I'm rather fan of Vallejo basic colors because two mixed shades can give up to seven different tones. but real ballast in stores they often tell you to take more colors. To be continued ;)
    Greetings my friend ;)
    Vincent .

    1. Cheers! I know what you mean, but I think I have a serious paint addiction starting because I really like what I see from Andrea and Scale 75 and P3 and Reaper...


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