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Friday, December 06, 2013

WIP: Testing Moss And Lichen What I See - Plus 2 winners!

Congrats to Mike Madani of Australia who won this mini on Ebay for $41 AUD. Mike requested that the charity for the matching donation be made Unicef and their current efforts in the Philippines. A good call since every Canadian donation to that cause is being matched by the Government of Canada! The other winner after the jump....

This lady managed to strong arm Drkmorals of The Emperor's Codex to enter my Movember contest. As the sole entry it was an auto win! Nice work kiddo! Now make sure you intercept that package wrap it up and don't let him have it until Christmas morning - Muwahahahahahahahaha!

Okay, onto the matter of testing moss and lichen for that skull I painted up last post. These tests only took a handful of hours, maybe 3 at most. It might seem like a waste of time, but when you are on a tight deadline testing out rough techniques can save you costly delays and missteps on the actual piece.
First up paints and tools for this process:
 So many new techniques to play with! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Make sure you have your reference material close by. ***Warning do not attempt this at home***
I am a professional idiot and balancing an expensive laptop with an HD screen on an Ikea kitchen trolley should only be preformed by morons like me :P

Lets have a look at our test subjects: Just pink foam chopped up and painted like the skull.
Here's one with pigment applied and fixed with rubbing alcohol...
Here's on e treated with water based oils and Tamyia Smoke...I highly recommend Tamiya Smoke ;)
I liked them both and used them on all the test rocks as well as the skull. Let's move on to textures and lichen. First up I applied some lichen and moss using various stippling and sponging. It looked okay but need some texture.
  Dear Citadel texture paints: You are awesome and actually DO have you uses! YAY!

 Finally I did some heavy textures using various flocks and grasses mixed with paint. They were great too.
  I used all the techniques above to treat the skull with different kinds of moss and lichen based on my reference material. There were also several washes of greens browns and grays used. Here are a few pictures of some of the "high tech" tools used to apply the various textures:
Blisterpack foam
That horrible Citadel Stippling brush - again, yay you do have a use!
An old cut off sable haired brush
The classic toothpick

Then it was time to try out my new best friend Testors Dulcote. Here is a before and after shot:
Wonderful. I shall save you for display pieces, tabletop pieces will still get Vallejo since it's cheaper and comes in larger quantities.  So there you have it, one evening of testing and I had my arsenal of techniques to work on my skull without fear of ruining it and having to start over.  Hopefully all my testing will save you time or inspire you to try some of these techniques yourself!

Next post: A fun little Gobo for 5th Dimension's Goblin army.  I completed it weeks ago just at the end of the charity piece when I needed to slow down and have fun, but keep the painting mojo going. Do you guys keep little side projects around to help you avoid burnout or when you need to put a project aside due to stress or frustration? Does it keep you painting or just keep you from finishing anything?

Don't forget to check the blog roll, hit me with any questions comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. Nice work Zab the skull and lady has come out great, your foo is getting stonger! I really like the moss and lichen results. the stippling brush I have used to apply some pigments but again I find its just a little bit too hard and does not hold enough pigment so I have relegated an older brush to pigment duty. I should have a shoulder pad I can use from the veterans SM pack thats coming for christmas. I do how ever need to do some research into what weapons do what and whats a good combo for the as I have never played WH40.

    1. Thanks! I'm sure if you google SM veteran weapons meta you will get some good results. 6th edition made me feel like I was studying for exams all over again.

  2. I would like to thank the academy I am not sure who they are but people always thank them. Seriously though this might be the first online contest I have every won lol. Also don't give that girl idea's she already took the picture on the deal that if I won something I had to pay her cash for helping... Now you want her to get a free X mas gift out of it too.

    Nice post showing off the texture paints.I didn't realize they would be that useful!

    On another note so far that testors dulcote is the best one I have found!

    1. A well deserved win! I'm glad to hear it's not just my little blonde haired, blue eyed fiend who uses extortion o_O I think you could use the texture paints for mud or severe corrosion too if you painted them right. I have actually used every paint in the GW line this year! That has to be some kind of milestone. The only draw back to the dulcote is the fact that I have to wear my paint fume mask when using it. Not that it matters because i wear a particle mask when airbrushing or sanding resin. I just view fumes as a drawback when you have to spray inside for half the year.

  3. Fantastic work on the rocks! They look very realistic covered with lichen. Oh yes and congrats to the winners. ^_^

    1. Thanks! I was rather surprised how easy it was to achieve :)

  4. Great work Zab!
    Love both the job on the skull and the lady.
    You're getting better by the minute. ;)

    1. Thanks, Joining C'MON has helped me push myself quite bit and given me access to a lot of great artists to get almost instant feedback from.


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