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Friday, January 17, 2014

On Display: Rackham Fianna

Here she is all done and pretty (trying like hell not to pee herself)! I had something to say, but let's just look at the pretty pictures, eh?

 And some close ups of various interesting details too...
 Here is the C'MON link if you would like to throw some votes her way and see her with a black background instead:

I know there has been a lack of 40k here and I swear it will come. I am currently working on ALL TWENTY of my DV cultists!!! First though I want to take a few posts to close out Sleeping Chibi since that one has been done for a while now too. So just put up with my fantasy dabbling for a bit longer and I'll get back to my roots, I promise. I talk a lot about painting forums and such, but I never would have gotten that far without all the inspiration, comments and connections of my fellow bloggers and our 40k addictions first, right?! Yeah :)

Next post: Sleeping Chibi assembly and OSL. Check out that blog roll, hit me up with questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!