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Friday, January 10, 2014

WIP: Rackham Fianna - Final Details

Here we are, the final push. I based and highlighted the gems with the colors above. Make sure you keep those paints thin! It doesn't take much with gems this size. Let's see how everything falls together...

I did a second highlight and a first bit of shading to give them some depth with the colors below.
Then it was a bit of purple in the deepest shadows and when that dried, a few very thin glazes of green to pull everything together.
Finally, a small reflection on each gem to make it pop. Thin your paint, but not too much here maybe 2:1 paint to water. You want it to flow, but not reduce it's opacity. This is also one of the few times that I will use pure white. Save it for your reflections and they will really stand out and add depth.
With that complete it was time to work on her make up. Her eyeshadow and the basecoat on her lips were applied first.
 The colors below were mixed in 3:1:6 ratio to create a very thin glaze that would basically tint her eyelid and brow area. A thicker version was applied as a base to her lips.
A shade to give them depth on the upper lip and in the recesses.

Then I moved onto the highlights on her lips with the following colors in very thin glazes.
 Most of the highlights should happen on the lower lip and work towards one point to make them seem fuller.
And a final glaze and spot highlight to give them some life and reflection.
Here is a final look at her face once I added the eyebrows, detailed the hair a bit more and fixed up some subtle highlights...
And a shot of her in all her finished glory before being put on the base with the skull. You can really make out the extra highlights on her hair in these shots that give it a little more life and shine.
Last of all she was mounted to the base in front of the skull and a bit to the side so as not to block too much of my hard work from view.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the step by step on this little lady. It was the first project I did that sold for money (all proceeds went to charity) and the first project that scored an 8 on C'MON. This one really hammered home what many of the top painters have told me over the past year; Don't think, just paint. The timeline was tight for me, 3 weeks start to finish, 2-3 hrs a night and it was all over. It really freed me up to just move forward and try new things because it was for charity and any money raised was good. The lack of time meant a lack of over-thinking and everything I had learned in the past year just kind of took over in a very zen like state.  Thanks also to the wonderful artists who helped me out on this in my WIP thread on C'MON!!!

Next post: Display pics of her. Don't forget to check out the blog roll ;) Hit me up with any questions, comments or critiques below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. Great work Zab all around , the color skin is perfect !
    Greetings .

  2. Very nice work indeed! ^_^

    By the way Zab, sorry that you hurt your hands while working with the baking soda. I should have clarified that the mixture releases heat in my steps. I just took it for granted that chemicals were not to be handled with bare hands but I had the benefit of my biochemistry training which most do not have. Sorry about that! =(

    1. Hahaha, no big deal. It was warm at best. I usually wear gloves or finger tape to protect me anyway but I just forgot this time. It took me by surprise. I use super glue on many cuts since it was surgical invention anyway, but when you have bit on your skin that isn't quite dry and you are sprinkling baking soda and some gets on there, it does warm up as it cures. Definitely an exothermal reaction ;) Good strong bond though!

  3. I am absolutely floored by how well this turned out - truly exemplary work man, and I really appreciate all the step-by-step shots. Bravo!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to show the steps because I think that often painting like this has a real mystique to it, but I wanted people to see that when you break it down into small steps it can be done quite easily. Though, SBS's are a lot of work to write and you constantly have to remember to take pics and label them right, but I think it's worth the effort for the folks following the blog ;)


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