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Friday, January 24, 2014

WIP: Sleeping Chibi Final Details

Final WIP post on this one! Above you can see my marking for positioning the knight. Took a few tries, but eventually found the right distance. Using a bright color to mark where to drill on the pins in his feet ensures accuracy and easy touch ups later! Let's look how it all finally came together...

Good layout.
Let's do some POV shots from predator and prey angles too...
This also gave me a chance to check the reflection on the sword and do final tweaks there before gluing him in place.
Now for the effect once he is on the base...
I also went ahead and added the various skulls at this point.
 Next I began to block in my OSL with some very unsaturated colors.
This allowed me to define a large area, but not over power the painting underneath and later I could glaze the colors to be brighter as needed. Use VERY thin paint and build the layers slowly letting each dry completely in between until you are happy. More intense nearer the source and more diffused further away (Although this is cartoon OSL so, much like the sword reflection and NMM I had to throw a lot of physics out the window and do what looked good instead of what was technically right).
 It's still very subtle here and the camera really leaches out the orange (thought it would be the yellow, weird).
Now I grab the same colors I used for the flames and again very slowly glaze/ tint/ juice the colors onto the blocking and a bit beyond to make them brighter and more vibrant.
 Again the camera is really leeching out the colors, but I'm not done yet ;) Now to make the OSL appear brighter and more dramatic we begin to add shadows to the rocks and wood and even deepen some for the shadows within the OSL area!
 That little bottle there? Tamyia Smoke. Like Clear Red, but perfect for shading rocks and creating a translucent shadow in the OSL area.

Here are a few final WIP shots after I cleaned up the base and before I hit it with a few shots of Testor's Dulcote (in terrible lighting, before I broke out the photo booth and back drop).
Oh man! It feels good to have that done :)

Next: Post: Display pics of Sleeping Chibi! Then we get back to some 40k before a little program called Alice goes active ;) Thanks for surfing my corner of the net, check out those blogs, hit me with any questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!