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Friday, February 28, 2014

On Display: Dark vengeance Cultist Leaders & Heavy Weapons

So there was a bit of frosting when I sprayed these guys :(  Some day I'll go back and fix that with some gloss and some flat. For now though, they are good enough for table top level minis. More pictures...

I'll stop here and show more of the troops later or this will turn into a finger cramping scroll fest o_O I'm upset about the frosting, but really these guys were just a learning experiment to me and I achieved a high comfort level with my new SW washes so I'll still call it a win ;)

I'm becoming kind of impatient with army painting so I think the DV set will be my last army project. Actually, this spring I'll be ditching most if not all of my terrain and armies for more space for display minis. If it can be shipped without damage it'll be on ebay and if it's too big or too breakable it'll be part of a 40k garage sale in Toronto on some nice spring weekend! At any rate I'll give you all a heads up before stuff is up for sale (and on the garage sale for folks in the T-Dot) so you can get the jump on it if you are interested and of course there will be tons of pics here to help you decide what if anything you want. Sound good? Yeah it does! I mean there has to be some benefit to being a follower of this blog (even if it's only dibs on dusty terrain and armies).

Next post: A new project goes active: Project Alice...  Now go check out that blog roll because I found some nice new blogs! As always hit me up with questions, comments or concerns below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)