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Friday, February 14, 2014

WIP: Dark Vengeance Cultists - Shading and highlights

Okay, so we left off here last week. A brief review of the Secret Weapon Washes: They are very interesting. Somewhere between a GW type wash and a Vallejo ink. You could paint with them if you so desired. Shake well and get some glass or ceramic beads for agitators as the pigments do tend to settle out quite  a bit. Let's see them in action...

I went ahead and broke a few of the "rules" for washes here as I really wanted to see what they could do and how they would behave. Namely, I over thinned them, and let them pool where I would normally be far more precise.  Here is a look at everybody shaded down with various colors.
 So as you can see there are tide marks and deposits where the pigment has broken away from the mix as it dried. Quite bit of shine too. Still, these are dirty stinkin' cultists so they should look stained and grubby. Next I went back with my paints and added more highlights to bring  everything back up and push the contrast. I used the lighter more neutral colors to keep things muted and dirty.
 So that's where I stopped before final details and bases. I'm pretty happy with the new washes and my first real attempt at a limited palette. Now a look at what The Lady Inquisitor was up to lately.
She loves paper crafts. She often makes custom invitations and cards for every event. My brother in law got this completely one of a kind card for his wedding! Told you she was hardcore ;)

Next post: Final touches on the cultists before assembly and display pics ( and disaster too O.O ). Check out the blog roll as I found a couple more great blogs, hit me up in the comments section and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)