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Friday, March 28, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Base ***UPDATE: First eBay Item***

On this project I am knocking out the base first and the mini second. Then I will tie them together with some dry pigments. Let's tackle this base. Above is the base coat, after the jump some shading...

It's a desert base, so lots of faded browns. Everything gets an overall shade with a 1:1 mix of the colors below. It helps to define things a bit.
Next we focus on the details on the bottom and work our way "up" so the dry cracked earth gets the first bit of focus. I started by really pushing the shadows with a wash of the color below.
Even a bit darker now with a 1:1 mix of the colors below and very thin focusing only on the deepest recesses.
Now onto the highlights. 1:1 mix of the colors below pretty much over everything the light hits.
A bit lighter now. Make sure your paint is thin, but don't worry if it gets chalky because we are painting a desert setting here.
Even lighter. 1:1 mix of the colors below try to cover less area and let some of the other stages show through.
Same colors, but more white so a 2:1 mix here.
Now a very little bit of pure white in places, you can thin and place them carefully or even dry brush a little.
Let's tackle our skull next. We can actually work with the colors that are there from the last step and just start to push the shadows with the colors below. I just did what looked right and used a wet on wet, or wet blending approach here, as it gave me a smoother tone overall.
Now to make it more sun bleached on top with the colors below. Again, just some simple wet blending - try out stuff and have fun - it comes out really smooth and you can "erase" mistakes with any dark colors left on your palette from the shading in the last step.
Finally we are onto the sand, which sits on "on top" of the other details and so we can be a bit messy with it since sand gets everywhere anyway ;) Similar colors to the dry earth, but a slightly paler tone. 1:1 mix with thin paint on most of the areas the sun hits.
The next highlight is with the color below. Less coverage, let some of the previous layer show though.
A bit lighter now. 1:1 mix of the colors below. Feel free to bring some of it onto the stone and the skull if you like.
And one last highlight with pure white again to tie it all together.
Nice and dusty! The dry pigments will add to that feeling once we have Alice on the base later too.

Also, it's time to upgrade The Agent of Chaos's room so the old artwork is coming down to be replaced with princesses and butterflies and crap. The Lady Inquisitor and I made these back in the mists of time know only as "The Before"... Before what I can't remember. They are 18"x 18" acrylic on canvas. I'll have to wrap them for storage and figure out something cool to do with them later :)

In other news I am also starting the great spring terrain/ army purge of 2014! The Dark Eldar have already found a new home and there are Necrons searching for lives to harvest too. Check back here for updates in the coming weeks as I begin to post things on eBay - you might be able to get some nice small terrain pieces for a steal ;)
Here is a listing to my first eBay item for The Great Terrain Spring Sale!
I am testing the waters with one item first. If it goes well and doesn't turn into one of those eBay horror stories I always hear, I'll list more items in the coming weeks. As a bonus to you my loyal followers here is an insider tip: If you bid and win this item just message me through eBay and let me know you are a follower and I will throw in a second identical set of ruins before shipping out the package!!! Really?! It's true. I value your help and feedback on this first listing so that is my way of saying thanks :)
Next Post: Project Alice continues! Featuring... um, Alice. Thanks for stopping by, check out the blog roll, leave me some questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.