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Friday, March 07, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Prepping & Priming

I'll be brief on this one as the stomach flu has finally made it's way into our house this winter...don't barf, don't barf, don't barf... Above is Alice from Tale of War and a little base I knocked out with the citadel basing kit, a 1"x1" block from Micheals and a piece of slate. Let's follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole shall we? Sorry. Wrong Alice...

Alice is a very petite 32mm and required careful cleaning, pinning and some sodium bicarbonate and super glue magic to make her sturdy. When that was done it was time for some liquid GS to smooth things out...
Next I worked on base design. This one is inspired by the posters from Resident Evil: Extinction.
  So a desert base was called for.
The red areas were marked out to tell me where the sand drifts would go. I used apoxie sculpt to create those.
After that dried I made a slurry out of thinned apoxie sculpt and used a Citadel stippling brush (Finally! A use for that awful brush) to add texture to the dunes as real sand was the wrong scale and would have filled in the valleys in the drifts.
Here they are ready for priming....
 I went two tone for this one as the scale of detail was just crazy small.
 Finally, it was time to pick my palette. I want a very dusty limited palette to match the parched/bleached desert look of the posters.
I also got some more neat loot from ME35 over on C'MON!
Sorry to be so brief, but that's it for now...don't barf, don't barf, don't barf...

Next post: Display pics of the shooty cultists from the Dark Vengeance set! Comments, questions and critiques are welcome as always and remember; you can spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. nice one Zab, your base is looking good, I saw the final on PnP, nice work ;)

    1. Thanks man, I was pretty happy with how she turned out. I like to come back and explore the SBS on the blog since I don't get into too much detail on my WIP thread ;)

  2. I did not know this figurine she looks cool , i come back after to see the progression .
    Greetings .

    1. Thanks! She was from Tale of War, but I don't see her in their store anymore so maybe she was discontinued. I'm going to have some fun with the little base at the end :)

  3. Can Apoxie Sculpt be used to sculpt full miniatures?

    Last photo => hmmmmmm ... candy!

    1. You could probably sculpt 90% of a figure from it. I think any bits that stick out and need to be flowy (like flames or hair) would be better served with Green Stuff. It dries very hard and is sandable and easy to carve. Like a harder version of soap stone.


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