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Friday, April 11, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Boots, Scarf & Tights

Hey! Back for more, huh? Okay, let's tackle her boots and trendy cut off gloves ;) Base coat above, more after the break...

Let's start with the shading.  A thinned wash, 1:1 mix of the colors below.
Highlight up starting with the base color.
Next a thinned 2:1 mix of the colors below.
And the final highlight on the boots and gloves is a 1:1 mix of the same colors.
Next up is her shirt. Base coat.
Shade with a thinned mix of the colors below, 3:1 ratio.
Highlight back up with base color.
Final highlight 1:1 mix of the colors below.
Her tights are next. This is where the wet blending comes back. Base coat 1:1.
Shade with a thin wash of the next colors 2:1:1
Now start to bring it back up with the base mix
Now add some saturation with just a thinned layer of this color.
Now the legs and the torso start to get a bit of a different treatment due to the colors under them. The torso has a white shirt and the lower part has flesh. Still similar colors. So the legs get a 1:1 mix of these colors.
And the torso gets a 1:1 mix of these colors.
Everything gets one last highlight of the colors below in a 1:1 mix.
Last item for this post: The scarf (and belts & holsters). Base coat.
Now shade with a wash of these colors 1:1.
Bring your mid tones back with the base color.
And one final highlight with a 1:1 mix of these.
Wow! Almost done o_O I think you'll like what I do when I get her on the base, but we have a few things to finish up before that.

 Oh, and look what arrived from The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation while I was working away on another project you'll see later on the blog...
I gave 'em a quick wash and then got ready to tuck in with the prep...
More on that later ;) But first...

NOCF weekly drawings begin tomorrow (April 12, 2014). This week’s prize is a $25 online gift certificate 
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eligible to win as the winner will be drawn from the pool of raffle ticket holders. 

Winner will be announced at tomorrow. 

Remember to check the Foundation website ( ) every Sunday between 
now and August 17, 2014 to see which of our amazing sponsors is offering a gift certificate for the 
weekly Saturday drawings! 

Next Post: Guns n' Hair - incidentally, one of the possible band names that Guns n' Roses didn't choose - true story :P Also, I'll be tacking on some NOVA minis content (which is practically real time) into each post from here until the project is done. Thanks for scrolling through that super long SBS! Please hit me with any questions, comments or criticism below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.