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Friday, April 11, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Boots, Scarf & Tights

Hey! Back for more, huh? Okay, let's tackle her boots and trendy cut off gloves ;) Base coat above, more after the break...

Let's start with the shading.  A thinned wash, 1:1 mix of the colors below.
Highlight up starting with the base color.
Next a thinned 2:1 mix of the colors below.
And the final highlight on the boots and gloves is a 1:1 mix of the same colors.
Next up is her shirt. Base coat.
Shade with a thinned mix of the colors below, 3:1 ratio.
Highlight back up with base color.
Final highlight 1:1 mix of the colors below.
Her tights are next. This is where the wet blending comes back. Base coat 1:1.
Shade with a thin wash of the next colors 2:1:1
Now start to bring it back up with the base mix
Now add some saturation with just a thinned layer of this color.
Now the legs and the torso start to get a bit of a different treatment due to the colors under them. The torso has a white shirt and the lower part has flesh. Still similar colors. So the legs get a 1:1 mix of these colors.
And the torso gets a 1:1 mix of these colors.
Everything gets one last highlight of the colors below in a 1:1 mix.
Last item for this post: The scarf (and belts & holsters). Base coat.
Now shade with a wash of these colors 1:1.
Bring your mid tones back with the base color.
And one final highlight with a 1:1 mix of these.
Wow! Almost done o_O I think you'll like what I do when I get her on the base, but we have a few things to finish up before that.

 Oh, and look what arrived from The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation while I was working away on another project you'll see later on the blog...
I gave 'em a quick wash and then got ready to tuck in with the prep...
More on that later ;) But first...

NOCF weekly drawings begin tomorrow (April 12, 2014). This week’s prize is a $25 online gift certificate 
to Secret Weapon Miniatures. Anyone who has purchased tickets in the raffle before midnight tonight is 
eligible to win as the winner will be drawn from the pool of raffle ticket holders. 

Winner will be announced at tomorrow. 

Remember to check the Foundation website ( ) every Sunday between 
now and August 17, 2014 to see which of our amazing sponsors is offering a gift certificate for the 
weekly Saturday drawings! 

Next Post: Guns n' Hair - incidentally, one of the possible band names that Guns n' Roses didn't choose - true story :P Also, I'll be tacking on some NOVA minis content (which is practically real time) into each post from here until the project is done. Thanks for scrolling through that super long SBS! Please hit me with any questions, comments or criticism below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Wow.
    Just wow.

    Just a curious question- do you prefer GW paints? I find their odd names and stoopid pots annoying.
    Ok...few moar questions, since it seems like yer one of the only cats not all about airbrushing nowadays...
    Wet pallet?
    I haz all da ingredients, and was gonna try it out fer the first time tomorrow.
    Brushes you prefer or would recommend?

    I'm buying a camera specifically to take pics of models this weekend. So I plan on getting busy painting some....
    Totally not nervous 'bout displaying my stuffs.
    *Xenos's pretty gross*

    1. Thanks!
      Paints: There was a time when I would say that GW paints are the best on the market and to be honest if you plan on using a lot of bright colors GW has the best range for that. That said, there are so many great paint ranges out there today we are spoiled for choice. P3 (pots like GW), and for dropper bottles, Reaper, Andrea, scale 75, Duncan acrylics, Vallejo model color, to a lesser extent vallejo model air and badger minitaire, but those are air bursh type dealies. If you want to get exotic there is duncan acrylics, AK interactive - hell I could go on for pages to be honest. Back to GW . I like them for their colors and consistency and most importantly - accessibility. Walk into any game or hobby store and tell me they have the full range of p3, reaper or any of the others fully stocked all the time. NOTHING sucks more than putting a project on hold while you wait for paint to come in the mail -_-
      Wet palette: Google 1 cent wet palette and Corvus minis will have a video tutorial and massive voodoo has a couple posts on their blog as well. Mine is a small tuperware with two sponges inside filed with water to the first sponge and maybe a bit to the second so it stays damp, then i put the baking paper on top and start adding paint. Grab a mini and go to town seeing what you can do right on the min while the paint is wet. You can over work the area and totally screw it up so i suggest a plastic or metal practice mini you can strip later with simple green. Water is okay, but you can also add some medium to the paint to help keep it from getting chalky. Just keep your paint fairly runny and you should be fine.
      Brushes: Sable hair all the time for acrylics and synthetic for metallics and anything you have to clean with spirits. Blick's house brand is decent so is rosemary & co. GW and army painter wear out fast. w\Winsor & Newton and raphael are top of the line, but hard to get due to current import issues and pretty damn expensive. See what is in stock at your local art store or even michaels and try to find a balance between price and life span. Art store staff tend to know their brushes pretty well and won't just try to gouge you on the most expensive if it doesn't suit the task.
      Camera: Anything that will let you take macro and adjust settings like ISO and fstop manually. Meg maples just did a great post on a very cheap and very effective photo set up on her blog arcane paintworks so check that out for sure.
      Don't be nervous. Just paint :) All the euro guys i know and a bunch from C'MON will say the same thing. Paint for the joy of it and take it slow. If you over think things it can all go wrong - and even with all my years of experience, I still mess things up
      royally all the time. There is no screw up so bad it can't be fixed or stripped clean and redone. Hooray for first world problems!

      Hope that all makes sense, anything else just ask away!

    2. Personally I love the Reaper paints the most followed by Citadel ... but then again those are the only ones I have as I have yet to use the few bottles of Vallejo paint that I managed to get my hands on. Oh I do have some Scale75 stuff but they seem to be hard to clean from my brushes ... most likely it's just me as I must be doing something wrong to keep getting them stuck on my brushes.

    3. Thanks, Zab. I'm just beginning my 'solo hobby day' right now, in fact.
      Sigh- yes, I'll admit that it will begin with...Guess what?...a trip to the post office to pick up a delivery that includes metal glue and accelerator (cuz I iz impatient with metal models)...There may also be a new Anathematic model and some drones...
      I don't remember...It was late and I was fuzzy when I ordered it.
      (Shush- that's what I tell da Crazy Lady. No, she doesn't buy it either...)

      I'm looking to take my painting like, up a notch. I've been practicing techniques on a handful of cultists who I don't particularly like the looks of. Non-metal-metals are beyond me, I think, but things like gradient highlighting and some other stuffs I'm getting the hang of. Really, it comes down to time, a lil' dedication and PRACTICE.
      ...I'm starting to feel bad for my lil' cultist 'Volunteers' naow. I changed their name to 'Victims.'
      The Crazy Lady sees me snatch the Simple Green from the kitchen and laffs.
      'Screwed up again, huh?'
      'Shush, you...we need moar Simple Green.'

      I...honestly hadn't thought of 'availability' as like, a thing.
      I haz no 'Local Hobby Shop.' 90% of what I own came in da mail. I'm ALWAYS waiting on something. Sigh.
      My Infinity stuffs is on hold until I get that glue, fer instance. It took a week to get here for some reason, and I STILL gotta go pick it up. Blah.

      Regarding Sable Hair brushes...I'm sorry, I can't use them. I know where the hair comes from, and I'm not cool with it. I know they're da awesome, and I actually own a few I purchased before I though, 'Wait a second...'
      I'm weird like that.
      Also- Felix (my cat) likes to eat the bristles, and eventually he gets 'em no matter how careful I am. Leave it for two seconds and he'll snatch it up. The little fucker is patient, and plots in hiding, waiting for the inevitable bathroom break, then he makes his move.

      Ummm...ok, why would I hafta clean stuffs with 'Spirits.'
      I see peoples discussing this stuffs occasionally, and I iz confoosed.
      Is it like, paint thinner?

      And- so you recommend sponges fer da wet pallet? Paper towels no good? Also- purified water, yes? I'm guessing that means fancy bottled water?

      I already know I'm gonna hafta learn some new software fer pics...and learn how to take pics...but I've got a few days before I hafta worry 'bout that.
      Camera is in da mail, of course.

    4. @ FourEyedMonster (awesome internet tag, btw)

      I've been using primarily Reaper Paints for a few months now, and I gotta say I like 'em very much.

      I'm really having a hard time letting go of GW washes, though. They're so handy, and I've been using them fer so long. I'm comfortable and familiar with them. I know how they act and they're consistent and reliable.

      I probably woulda bought some today, since I was either gonna buy the camera, or go buy the new Astra Militarum Codex today.
      I went for the camera. Waddayagonnado?

      ...Stoopid Crazy Lady I live with. Makin' me spend monies on 'Food' and 'Bills' and 'Rent' an' whatnot.

    5. One moar question, Zab.
      Why did you start with grey for the clothing, and then put red on top of it?
      I know grey is an easy color to 'build on,' and is easier than black to deal with once you start laying paints on the model...But I'm not sure...

      I mighta just missed something while I was micro-analyzing yer pics, trying to figure out how you did everything.

      And damn, man...her eyes are convincing. Eyes on Infinity models are tough, but she looks like she's eyeballing the next fool she's gonna blaze with the dual SMG's...

    6. GIMP is free software that is like a photoshop clone that people swear by. So try that one out for sure.

      They do have synthetic sable on the market these days that I know a few ethically minded painters i know swear are just as good so you do have options and i would love to hear what you end up using an how you like it.

      I felt the same way about GW washes but now i mix my own with paints and i just recently tried out the secret weapon washes and have a video and review of them incoming. I like them - pick some up if you get a chance.

      I actually primed her in a few shades of grey from below and white from above to help me pick out details and show clearly where the shadows would fall. Alternatively, you could prime white and then give them a wash of black or brown to help pick out the details. It helps at that scale and with minis so detailed that way you can "stay in the lines better". I HAD to give her the shifty eyes, if you've survived 4 or 5 zombie apocalypse movies you definitely have the shifty eyes ;)

  2. Great step by step as always Zab , i love it the work on the face of this characters and i'm enjoy to see the final work .
    Cheers .

    1. Thanks man! There will be a lot of 40k content on the blog this summer with ultramarines, a giant squig custom sculpted by a fellow C'MONer, as well as some Raven Guard scouts and a Lictor. Whew ;) I may also mix in some Rackham dwarves somewhere in there too!

  3. Starts too look great! :) Can't wait to see your works continue. I've noticed the audio book there, is it worth it? :) I like audio books a lot, but never tried anything form Black Library yet.

    1. Thanks! Their audio books are about as good as their novels. This one was good. I'm drawing inspiration from it for my NOVA minis.


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