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Friday, April 25, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Final Details

Welcome back! I went ahead and did all the fiddly touch ups and tweaks on Alice so that she was ready for her base.  So there she is above, ready for a stroll in the desert...

Once she was attached to her base I broke out the pigments. Light sandy tones.
After mixing them together (wear a mask please) they still looked too earthy and not sandy enough so I added yellow.
That gave me the tone I was looking for. I applied this to the base and her boots and the bottom of her trench coat to help tie her into the dusty setting. Then I used some alcohol to bind it in place.
Now to have some fun with the base. I could just paint the cube black and call it done, but this is Resident Evil right?
So let's remind people who she is... First I trace out roughly where my stencil will sit in pencil. Then use the side of the blade tip to scrape off the penciled area to get a nice uneven horror type look.
Here is what it looks like after some very uneven sponging.
It's okay, but I think this calls for some blood effects! So first I worked out my material and how to create the splatter pattern I want.
Here is what the experiments looks like and what my notes were on each.
I liked the flick brush method with the unthinned Tamyia Clear red in the upper right corner. Yes, I am aware my poor penmanship makes it look like F*** BRUSH. Do not do that. It hurts and yields poor results :P
Next I went ahead and masked off Alice and her ground work to keep the blood effects off them.
Fun fact: Macro setting has a hard time focusing on semi-translucent, reflective material like saran wrap -_- Anyway, here is what she looks like all ready for her display pics...
I'm a happy camper with this one, and a bit thirsty. I wanted to do this for a while since The Lady Inquisitor is a huge fan of the franchise. It went so well I decided to roll right into prepping some minis for that video tutorial using Secret Weapon washes to paint a mini to a table top standard in under 2hrs.
These two volunteered. So I primed them white and will work up from lightest to darkest with washes.

***NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Minis Update***
Remember how Telion took 8 hrs to prep? These guys took only 5 hrs. All hail the Gods of plastic!
First I got the bodies into decent shape and then I blu-tac'd various arms and heads on until I was happy with the poses.
Here are a few close ups before I throw primer on them:
The sniper scouts were next and also only took about 5 hrs to prep. One small conversion on the first scout was to remove the rock under his foot and replace it with a Genestealer skull - they are from The Battle For Macragge after all ;)
 Time to prime. Then I'll check in with John re colors and get to painting!

Next Post: Display pictures of Project Alice. Thanks for stopping by. Hit me with any questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)