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Friday, April 25, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Final Details

Welcome back! I went ahead and did all the fiddly touch ups and tweaks on Alice so that she was ready for her base.  So there she is above, ready for a stroll in the desert...

Once she was attached to her base I broke out the pigments. Light sandy tones.
After mixing them together (wear a mask please) they still looked too earthy and not sandy enough so I added yellow.
That gave me the tone I was looking for. I applied this to the base and her boots and the bottom of her trench coat to help tie her into the dusty setting. Then I used some alcohol to bind it in place.
Now to have some fun with the base. I could just paint the cube black and call it done, but this is Resident Evil right?
So let's remind people who she is... First I trace out roughly where my stencil will sit in pencil. Then use the side of the blade tip to scrape off the penciled area to get a nice uneven horror type look.
Here is what it looks like after some very uneven sponging.
It's okay, but I think this calls for some blood effects! So first I worked out my material and how to create the splatter pattern I want.
Here is what the experiments looks like and what my notes were on each.
I liked the flick brush method with the unthinned Tamyia Clear red in the upper right corner. Yes, I am aware my poor penmanship makes it look like F*** BRUSH. Do not do that. It hurts and yields poor results :P
Next I went ahead and masked off Alice and her ground work to keep the blood effects off them.
Fun fact: Macro setting has a hard time focusing on semi-translucent, reflective material like saran wrap -_- Anyway, here is what she looks like all ready for her display pics...
I'm a happy camper with this one, and a bit thirsty. I wanted to do this for a while since The Lady Inquisitor is a huge fan of the franchise. It went so well I decided to roll right into prepping some minis for that video tutorial using Secret Weapon washes to paint a mini to a table top standard in under 2hrs.
These two volunteered. So I primed them white and will work up from lightest to darkest with washes.

***NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Minis Update***
Remember how Telion took 8 hrs to prep? These guys took only 5 hrs. All hail the Gods of plastic!
First I got the bodies into decent shape and then I blu-tac'd various arms and heads on until I was happy with the poses.
Here are a few close ups before I throw primer on them:
The sniper scouts were next and also only took about 5 hrs to prep. One small conversion on the first scout was to remove the rock under his foot and replace it with a Genestealer skull - they are from The Battle For Macragge after all ;)
 Time to prime. Then I'll check in with John re colors and get to painting!

Next Post: Display pictures of Project Alice. Thanks for stopping by. Hit me with any questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Always good to have a read and see your experiments, I saw a clip somewhere about also using an airbrush, tapping it on and off on low pressure to get splatters. imagine high impact blood splatter shot across a wall from being shredded by a 50 cal. I might have to use your stencil for an experiment to add something extra to the dwarves we are doing.

    1. Thanks! I saw that one too. I'm not sure i want to run tamyia clears through my ab though, but some of the inks and washes on a very low pressure... I laid down the first AB coats on the dwarves Thursday night :)

  2. Very nice behind the scenes stuff. Enjoyed reading it. Getting thirsty after doing blood splatters? O_O Are you a vampire in disguise? Can you make me immortal? ;)

    1. Immortality without the biting of course ... I can't stand blood (lol) ... just give me the blue pill ala Matrix ... or was it the red pill. Old age is taking my memory away. :)

    2. I'd let Zab bite me if I would inherit some of his mad painting skillz through some kinda weird, mystical hobbyist Blood Ritual.
      We'd be like, da geekiest Vampires ever.
      We'd still be tougher than those lame-ass Twilight Vampires, or Anne Rice's moody, gothic bunch of whiners.
      'Aw, I don't wanna eatz's wrong. And I'm so lonely...'

      I'm off to bite Megan Fox naow. I can make this werk. I know I can.

    3. Hey Monster :) I already told you the secret to immortality. Mini painters can't die until our last mini is painted. I keep looking at my pile of growing unpainted minis and muttering: Good, good. ;)

    4. Thanks Synn! I can see the breaking news on CNN: Megan Fox bitten by random weirdo...again.

  3. Nice work on Alice there, and the tests for the blood. Very cool there!
    And I think if you thin the Tamiya Clear Red, you can safely run it through the AB. At least the rest of the colors can be run through if thinned a bit.

    Looking forward to your speed paint results there!

    1. Thanks man! I'm just not a fan or running enamels or harsh thinners through my AB. I think windex is about as caustic a liquid as i run through it. Also, then i would have to use it outside cause i can't spray it in the house with a little one around, spray booth or not. The speed painting was super fun! If i ever build armies again it will be my method of choice :)

  4. She looks great man. Looking forward to seeing your Secret Weapon tutorial and how you paint up those scouts.


    1. Thanks! Editing the video was more work than painting the mini for that tutorial o_O For the most part i am sticking to John's color scheme for the scouts since he's heading up the NOVA ultramarine painting and has some really nice ultras over on 40k Hobby blog.


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