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Friday, April 18, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Guns N' Hair

Okay, we are close to done! This SBS will be shorter than the last one, promise.  Base coat her hair with a 1:1 mix of the colors above and then will get into highlights after the jump...

Add some black to the base coat mix and water it down to a wash like consistency!
Now, start to highlight back up using fairly thinned paint and unload most of the moisture onto a towel or your thumb or back of your hand or whatever so that the brush is only damp. Using the side of your brush, pull the highlights from the bottom to the top (or darkest to lightest areas) in a few passes. Build it up slowly and try not to be too even about it or it won't look natural and organic. Use the colors below in a 2:1 mix.
Same techniques as before, but with the colors below in a 1:1 mix.
And one last pass with the colors below in a 1:2:1 mix.
Onto her guns. Base coat 1:1 mix.
Highlight very carefully 2:1 mix.
Highlight again.
One more highlight, very fine with a 1:1 mix of these.
Now knock it all back with a very, very, very thin wash of pure black. Only in the recesses and places where you want the deepest shadow or to help define the lines of the guns.

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Minis Update:
Started the prep on Telion and the scouts. Telion is Finecast. I am starting to understand why some commission artists charge a premium for working with Finecast. It will take me likely as long to prep Telion as it will to prep 5 plastic scouts - and this was a very clean cast.
The main challenge was keeping everything smooth and removing the resin channels without damaging the mini. I had to use a lot of thinned liquid GS washes and my sculpting and carving tools as well as some very, very fine grit sand paper. I will say this, the detail on him is amazing. No way that would have happened casting in metal. He is in fact, one of my favorite sculpts from GW in recent years too. Looking forward to painting him up!

Now, I do recall promising a shot of the completed basement stairs a while ago and there have been tons of requests in the comments... ... ... o_O
You are welcome, now let it go people. Geez!

Next POST: Project Alice wraps up with final details & tweaks, dry pigments and something fun for the base... Thanks for stopping by, check out the tabs added to the top of the blog for terrain that will be on sale soon! I'll be adding my Necron army and even my beloved Dark Angels and successor chapters o_O and of course feel free to hit me up with any questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!